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Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

Permission granted

Are there shortcuts that you feel guilty about making? 

Or are you unnecessarily putting pressure on yourself and making things harder when they could in fact be simpler?

This month start looking for shortcuts. Start cutting yourself some slack.

For me - this has looked like Pizza and Movie nights on Friday. It looks like buying a box of cereal during busier than usual weeks with work. It looks like food delivery instead of going to the market or the shops. 

It looks like cooking once and eating twice. 

SO many ways to simplify. 

But you need to be the one to give yourself permission to do so. Is there a part of your identity that believes you have to do things perfectly? Or that healthy means 100% of the time? Or that if you let down your guard all hell will break loose?!  

Your first task in this Simplify module is to start creating an inventory around your days - where are you working yourself into the ground or attempting to live up to unrealistic standards? Is there a shortcut that you could give yourself permission to take?

As always - please share! When we show up and share our ideas we help others. 

Much love,

Lisa x

Sweet Treats

It’s totally time… I know you feel it too!

It’s time for some delicious baked sweet treats to be added to the Recipe Vault.


Yes, I knew it.

Katherine has created the most delicious recipes that are going to get your mouth watering and make for some very happy families. Best thing is - they all incorporate hidden veggies so it’s #winning all ‘round in the Membership this month!

Spelt Pumpkin Scones
Sweet Potato Brownies
Carrot and Apple Ginger Muffins

And our Meal Plan this month incorporates the CLASSIC Small Steps Sausage Traybake as the hero dish. Yes, the most unlikely contender for hero status but this meal is a staple in our home and anything that the kids eat, is nourishing and an easy tidy up - let’s face it - that’s hero status for sure!

Enjoy the Meal Plan and the new recipes - let’s get baking!

Lisa x


September New Recipes

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September Menu Plan


A tired mind is an . . .

My amazing friend Lisa Carpenter has a line she uses…. She’s said it to me so many times, uses it on herself and all her coaching clients.

It’s this: “A tired mind is an arsehole”.


You laugh - but it’s TRUE!

When you are well rested - how different is everything in your life? How much more patience do you have? Energy? And how fewer rabbit holes do you go down? I bet a heap less!

Because a tired mind is an arsehole - it will deliver you worst-case scenarios, it can’t make decisions, it’s quick to be triggered and then it’ll blame you for being the worst person in the world when you are triggered.


It’s September - and I wonder how much steam you have left for the rest of the year? I wonder if you even recognise the pace you are going? Your tired body is also a tired mind and a tired mind is an arsehole (I’ll keep saying it!)

Would you like to live with an arsehole? I bet not! And yet you accept this when you let yourself get tired.

I wonder if you’re rested? I wonder if you know that it can be another way?

How about we all exhale, ignore ourselves when we are tired - literally don’t entertain your jumbled thoughts - and concentrate instead on how to incorporate more rest into our lives?

Sound good?

Then let’s share ideas!

With love, as always

Lisa x


September Outstanding Member - Kate Mason

It’s Mel here, popping into your inbox on behalf of Lisa today. You may have already heard about the incredibly sad loss in Lisa’s family. You can read her post here.

Thank you for all the messages of support - all of your love means so much to Lisa.

When Lisa and I spoke, it was so important to her that we still choose a member of the month to celebrate. While she takes some time to focus on being present with the kids, she asked me to step in and carry on this tradition.

The thing is, we celebrate all of you - often. Whenever you send us an email or post in the group with a #smallstepswin, we share that with the entire team in our chat app. Because every celebration, big or small, is a win for us. It’s why we are here. It’s why Lisa created this wonderful community. And we are grateful for each and every one of you.

As a team one of our hardest jobs is picking just one member each month though!

This month we have decided on Kate Mason. Kate has been a long time Small Stepper, and such a wonderful contributor to the Facebook group. Check out this post we loved about the 'fruit face' that made everyone's day a little brighter. Such a great reminder that sometimes it's the 'little things'. Thank you Kate - we appreciate you!

Big big love to you all, and we really would love to know - what are you celebrating this week?

Mel and the Small Steps team x

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