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Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

Let’s find CLARITY!

Welcome to September in the Membership!

And if you’re thinking - WHAT!? No, wait - wasn’t it just Easter?!

You’d be feeling the same as me.

Sometimes I can get a little panicked about the downhill slide to Christmas at this stage of the year and worry that I haven’t quite achieved what I set out to.

This was the year I was going to get into a regular walking routine. This was the year I was going to focus on my happiness. This was the year I’d start the veggie garden etc etc.

So I’ve got something pretty cool for you this month. I’ve put together a Clarity Creator. So you can simplify and AMPLIFY the rest of the year.

Download the Clarity Creator here and work away on it.

Watch the video above for more context and instructions. And then share your results in the Facebook group. I would LOVE to hear how this helps you.

Let’s rock out the rest of 2018. Four months is actually quite a long time!

Lisa x

Oh, baby, have you got some goodies waiting for you to make wholefoods even simpler and more tasty!

Three spice mixes that will become absolute pantry staples in your home PLUS three amazing recipes to use them with.

Here at Small Steps we are all about nailing the basics. Because once you have the basics, the options are endless.

Download this month’s delicious Menu Plan.

Then mix up the following spice mixes:
French Onion Soup mix
Curry Spice Mix
Mexican Spice Mix

And use them in these mouth-watering recipes (can someone give me a HELL YES for Apricot Chicken without the nasty packet mix!!)

Apricot Chicken
Curry Puffs (get in my belly!)

As always Katherine has outdone herself and I cannot wait for us all to dig into the deliciousness. I know what’s on my menu plan this week!

Lisa x

September Meal Plan

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September Menu Plan

The Need to be Right

I’ve recorded a video for you this week all about letting go of the need to be right.

I get that this is a hard concept to wrap your head around.

It feels so awkward and counter-intuitive.

But when I realised that life is really just everyone making assumptions and interpretations of events (as in - there’s very little TRUTH) - it became obvious that interpretations are rarely going to be the same. We all view events through our own eyes. And it feels pretty ‘right’, the way we see it.

But is it? What are you really fighting for?

What if you were never able to change someone’s mind (because they feel ‘right’ too) and you were wasting precious energy trying to do so? What might it feel like to let go of the need to be right?

I challenge you to think about that this week. To notice how many times you are trying to prove a point or be the one with the final say. How many arguments happen because you believe that your interpretation is more correct than someone else’s?

Let’s talk about it in our Facebook Group!

Watch the video and let me know what you think.

Much love - and LIGHTNESS!

Lisa x


September Outstanding Member - Lise Reece

Here we are - the end of September. And last week I celebrated my birthday!

I turned 39. I love birthdays and I love getting older. I have to say that my 38th year was intense. We moved into our home in Melbourne on my birthday last year and to think we have been here a year kind of blows my mind.

That’s why we Celebrate in the Small Steps Membership - we take a moment to think about the last month - and we congratulate ourselves for the wins - big or small. We also honour where we are right now (which is perfect). Whether you dived into any content in the Membership or not - being part of this community of women taking small steps to simplify, nourish and enjoy their lives MATTERS.

Your community matters. And I’m sure you agree, that this is one of the best going around! You make it so.

This month we delivered you the Clarity Creator (if you missed it download it here) and you received amazing spice mixes and gorgeous recipes to go with them - including the Apricot Chicken - so you won’t need that nasty French Onion Soup mix again - woohoo!

Then last week we talked about the need to be right. And letting that gooooooooo! I wonder if you experimented?

Each month we also celebrate a member who has taken some awesome leaps. A person who is contributing and inspiring our community.

This month the team and I were really excited for Lisa Reece - and a heads up - we LOVE a brag! #smallstepswin

Congratulations Lisa - it IS huge and we are celebrating you! A gorgeous wholefoods cookbook is on it’s way to your house very shortly.

Another shoutout to Valeska who has received the Member of the Month award before - for keeping us inspired all month long with her daily posts for simplifying life. I have loved the reminders and am sure that other small steppers have appreciated it too.

So go on - let me know what you’re celebrating from this month? Me? I’m celebrating surviving an eight-year-old boy slumber party haha!

Can’t wait to kick off October with you next week. So much great stuff on it’s way.

Lisa x

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