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Create your MITs

Welcome to October in the Membership!

I hope you’re ready for another batch of useful ideas and resources to help you continue simplifying your life, nourishing your body (and your family’s!) and upgrading your mindset.

And hey - remember it’s OK not to watch and read EVERYTHING. There’s no such thing as falling behind on the path to taking small steps. You open what you can, when you can.

That said - I’m glad you’re reading this today as I’m thrilled to share with you a little hack that has massively simplified my life.

Not sure if you’re like me - but I can put a LOT on my plate. And often - I don’t even know what the things on my plate are. I keep everything in my head and wonder why I feel like i’m running around in circles.

I came across a really cool concept a little while ago and it’s really helped me get (the important) things done and simplify my days.

It’s called creating your Most Important Tasks or MITs.

The basic premise is that before your day starts (so either - the night before or the morning of) you write out your top three MITs that you want to achieve that day. It can be anything BUT the kicker is that one of the things needs to move you toward one of your big goals.

Last month I delivered you the Clarity Creator - I suggest downloading it again and giving it a crack if you haven’t already. You’ll find there a few things that you really want to walk towards.

Defining your MITs daily is one way to actually make sure the things you want to have happen - actually happen! But also creating MITs means you can STOP THINKING about all the things - and just focus on the three things. Once they are done - go nuts with other stuff but focus on the three first.

How does that sound?

I recorded a short video for you to chat through a little more how I use this concept and how it’s helping me simplify, simplify, simplify.


Lisa x


Yummy Ferments!

Woop woop! Let’s eat!

This month we focus on getting a few more fermented foods into our weekly meal plan. The reason being - they are great for you.

There’s something extraordinary that happens to food when it goes through the fermenting process and our guts love it. Every expert I’ve ever interviewed, every book I’ve read on gut health - all reference the need for and power of ferments.

It’s so important that Nick and I created Small Steps to Fermenting - which you have access to as a Member.

But you have some brand new recipes this week as well!

Check out the Tempeh Bacon BLTs, Katherine’s famous Reuben Sandwiches (including a delicious corned beef recipe) and a Milk Kefir Smoothie.

So so good!

Download October’s delicious meal plan and get inspired.

Which recipe will you try?

Lisa x

October Meal Plan

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October Menu Plan

When nothing is changing

Have you heard the saying ‘nothing changes if nothing changes’? I used to get so frustrated when I heard it. My internal response would be something like:

“WHAT NEEDS TO CHANGE for everything else to change?!”

If there was a penny that needed to drop to catapult the change - then just fill me in. I’m ready. Give it to me!

But unfortunately, things didn’t roll like that. So I kept feeling very frustrated that nothing was changing in my world. That frustration would sometimes lead to despair and a feeling helplessness.

Nothing was going to change if THAT THING didn’t change and I had no idea what it was.

Watch the video to find out.

Much love,


October Outstanding Member - Tatiana Miamoto!

We started the month off learning about MITs - the idea that you should structure your day around your Most Important Tasks. Tick them off first. And we’ve had that be so helpful for some Members!

Here’s the thing - there’s no ONE idea that suits everybody. A few months ago you learnt about Frog Eating - and that might have resonated more highly than MITs. I will keep bringing you ideas that will simplify your life and I want you to be cool about the fact that some of them won’t be the right thing for you.

Then we dove into fermenting and you received ideas to give your weekly meal plan that extra nutrient boost.

Last week we talked about what needs to change if nothing else is. Ooooh a juicy one. It’s in one moment outrageously empowering to think that we are the source of everything we need in this life and in the next - bone-shakingly scary. I get it.

But you are here, you’re engaging and you are taking the steps. Remember how powerful you are. You are literally creating your life through your daily habits. So switching up just one of those changes your life. Amazing!

Now - to honour someone who had a big win this month! And she’s such a superstar in our group - Tatiana Miamoto!

I just loved what she shared in this post and myself and the team would love to give her the Member of the Month Award.

Coming up we have a BONUS week for October - I set you a little Challenge. Can’t wait to share it with you.

In the meantime - I am LIVE for our monthly Q&A call (do they roll around quickly for anyone else?!) at 1 pm AEDT Thursday 25 October. Shoot through any and all questions you’d like me to answer before then.

Can’t wait to chat and congrats Tatiana!

Lisa x

October Bonus Challenge


We have a bonus week this October. And you know I love nothing more than setting us a little challenge.

Because sometimes we need a little line in the sand moment and to work together as a group - for accountability.

Because let’s be honest. There are things that we have been wanting to tick off our list for a long time and they just don’t get done.

So….. I give you a choice this week!

Choose one of the following to get done this week. Declare your choice in the Facebook Group and report back when you’re done!

- Make an appointment for a health check-up - a pap smear, a skin check, whatever you have been putting off. Make the call today!

- Spring Clean! No - not the whole house - but we are changing seasons so here’s an idea - whatever you didn’t wear this past winter (or summer in the northern hemisphere) clear it out. Let it go - donate to people who will get value out of the items.

- Check your fire alarms.

- Go out and have dinner with a friend!

You can choose more than one - but choose something. Commit and get it done.

You’ll love yourself for it!

Lisa x

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