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Simplify - First week of the month

Nourish - Second week of the month

Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month



It’s our second last month in the Membership and we are making this about you. 

But not in a way to add to your to-do list. ESPECIALLY not in Simplify week. 

When I decided on the themes of this Membership I knew that radically simplifying our lives has to be a part of it. That our generation of women needed to create a love affair with simplicity and less DOING. 

But it wasn’t going to be easy. Because our conditioning is to cram things into our day. For most of us, the idea that we can do less and live a better life requires retraining! It blows our circuits when we think about guilt-free rest. 

How you move through your days MATTERS. Your overwhelm is a CHOICE that you keep making over and over again. It changes when you prioritise yourself. When you commit to things feeling simpler, calmer, more peaceful. 

So that’s your small step this week... To think about simple ways to prioritise yourself. To simplify the often convoluted and guilt-inducing act of self-care.

To give you a few ideas, prioritising myself looks like....

  • Taking things OFF my to-do list
  • Outsourcing
  • Saying yes to what makes me feel good
  • Using NO as a complete sentence
  • Claiming rest (not waiting for it)
  • Asking for what I need from people around me instead of expecting it.

Keep it simple - how are you going to prioritise yourself this week?

Katherine's FAVOURITES

With the final Nourish week in the Membership, I am bringing you a final meal plan. This one is a list of some of my absolute favourite recipes I’ve developed for Small Steps. These are the recipes that I return to again and again, the ones that have been hits with my family (well, most of them), the ones that I often look up in the Vault myself (must remember to print those ones out).

It has been an absolute privilege and joy to develop and share these recipes with you over the last few years. I have really loved the process of designing recipes to meet your needs and to help make your life simpler, more nourishing and more enjoyable. I hope that among these recipes you have found some new family favourites that have helped you on your Small Steps journey. Hearing that you have loved or had successes with these meals has brought me tremendous joy and satisfaction, and I thank you for trying them.

So check out the final meal plan here. 

Which recipes will make it onto your Small Steps Favourites list?

Katherine x



As the final Enjoy week in Small Steps I’m going to end on a concept that is a continual work in progress for me.


In particular… our ability to receive with grace.

Our openness and willingness to receive. 

I ask you to sit with why it might make you feel super uncomfortable when someone offers to help you or shows you kindness. 

Is your immediate reaction to brush it off and say you’re fine?

So often we have trained ourselves to be super self-sufficient. It’s a badge of honour to be able to take care of all the things. No one wants to admit that they are struggling. And yet, so many of us are.

When we close off supply of help and support and love and money and praise - we are doing it from a place of feeling unworthy.

Messed up, right?

When I pay my kids a compliment, they don’t deflect it! They don’t tell me all the reasons why I’m wrong and what I’m seeing in them isn’t the whole picture. They absorb it. They fully own it! They celebrate themselves.

And it also becomes their inner dialogue. 

Somewhere along the way many of us have closed off our ability to receive because our inner dialogue is “I should have it all together”, or “everyone else can manage, there’s something wrong with me”, or “they obviously want something from me in return and I have nothing to give”. 

How about THAT inner dialogue was replaced with …

“It feels so great to be supported”.

“I am worth taking a break for”.

“When I receive love, support, gifts or a helping hand with grace I am showing my family what it means to be worthy of wonderful things”.

What can you be open to receiving, moving forward? 

What might it feel like to say YES next time someone offers you help - in any way.

What do you need in order to feel worthy of this? (Hint: you were born worthy but you now have beliefs or stories that you’ve taken on from other people about why you’re not - explore that!)

The best place to start is to begin with giving to yourself. Show yourself you are worth receiving your own loving kindness. It ALWAYS starts with us, remember??!

My hope, in creating the Small Steps movement was to help women create simple, nourishing lives that they actually ENJOYED!

It’s totally possible and this final step on offer might just be the most important one of all.

Believe that you are WORTHY of creating and living a life that feels good and all else will fall into place. 

Believe that you are WORTHY of receiving all the good things that exist in endless supply around you but you may have cut off in an effort to be superwoman. 

Receiving is the ultimate act of self-care and requires a shift in mindset to one of worthiness. 

Beautiful lady, you are beyond worthy. Remind yourself every damn day. 

Lisa x


Our Final month

We’ve been all the preparations behind the scenes for our final month in the Membership! The team is so looking forward to all the goodness we have coming for you in November. But of course, this week is our Celebrate Week - the final one!

The intention behind our Celebration Week was always to stop and reflect. Because we are all doing an amazing job every single day (never forget it!)

We may not have been able to give everyone the ‘member of the month’ gift, but we have celebrated you all along the way - your posts, your emails and messages, especially the moment when you said yes and joined - it marked the beginning of something for you. 

So our final member of the month goes to…. Hayley Locke!

Hayley has been a member from the start of Small Steps and she has shared so much from one of her first posts about baking a loaf of bread made from one of her first swaps to organic flour, right up to recently when she shared an amazing sourdough loaf from her oven.  Thank you for all your shares and questions that so many others learnt from along the way too. 

Small STEPS reflections

There’s an extra week this September and so we thought we would give you the Small Steps Reflections ebook that will form part of our celebrations in our final month of the Membership - November - so you can get started!

The purpose of this is not to overwhelm - but rather to guide you in reflecting on what you may take away from Small Steps, and act as a quick reference point when needed.

Over the next 2 months, we invite you to explore the past content and your personal Small Steps journey - this will be different for everyone!

Of course we’d love you to be sharing things you discover or where you’ve experienced transformation. It’s always so motivating for other Members to celebrate each other!

Download your workbook here - we hope it’s a helpful resource and reminds you just how far you’ve come.

Much love
Lisa and team x

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