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Your Bathroom Cupboard!

It’s the one place that can get a bit crazy for me - my bathroom. Or should I say - OUR bathroom.

And I use it

So today I wanted to share how I keep the bathroom simple so that you might be inspired to create a spacious, easy-to-use and clutter free bathroom.

Here are a few handy tips (and I’d love to know which ones you’ll try!):

  1. Purge! About every three months I go through the cupboard and drawers and remove empty bottles, past use by date items, and generally clear out.

  2. Wipe your cupboards and drawers! I find that clear surfaces make me feel happier in the bathroom. There’s often that little pile of ‘stuff’ that sits in the corner and never really moves - or the bench that is constantly cluttered - have you looked underneath there? Wipe it down lady, lift everything up and give it a good wipe!

  3. Simple systems!
    - Have a large container for all the things that you don’t need know, but might soon. If you bulk buy soap or hair care products - keep them in one large container for you to inventory once in a while to see if you need to buy more.
    - Have a medium container for items that you need once in a while - makeup for special occasions, masks/scrubs that you only use once a month or less, perfumes that you don’t want to throw away (but probably should hah!)
    - Have a small container or drawer dedicated to the things you use daily. This stops the searching through a whole big pile of things for that one lip gloss you like!

  4. His and hers! Or Hers and Hers! Have clearly designated areas for you and your partner and take full responsibility for your area being tidy and organised.

  5. Don’t run out! I hate my favourite moisturiser getting to the end of the bottle without having back up ready to go, or Nick using the last of the shampoo and then there’s nothing for me (ggrrrrrrr!). So have a list in your bathroom for things that need purchasing soon - or add them to your regular weekly shopping list.

  6. Sort the remedies! Oils/Medicine/Vitamins - whatever it is you use - please continue checking use by dates! And have these sorted in order of usage too. Anything that I use daily/weekly I keep in a particular section and everything else gets packaged away to be pulled out when required.

I hope some of these help. The key takeaway is not to have things you never use staring at your everyday! Remove that clutter and pack it away. Give your brain a break and literally clear the shelves.

As with all things decluttering it requires consuming very consciously so the piles don’t stack back up! I used to have a makeup obsession and I take great joy now in keeping my routine and products simple and natural.

If you are looking to upgrade your cosmetics - there’s a stack of things I love at the Nourished Life website. I know that not everyone likes wearing makeup but I do get asked a lot what I wear - so here it is!

LaMav BB Cream
Lavera Cover Stick Concealer
Weleda moisturisers
100% Pure lip and cheek tints
100% Pure Black Tea Mascara
EcoTan Face Water

Deeeeelicious and a simple routine that takes me about three minutes each morning.

And all super easy to find in my daily compartment. So is it time for you to simplify your bathroom?

Let’s share any hints and tips with each other.

Lisa x


Let’s go Lettuce!

I know, I know - the subject line doesn’t sound particularly glamorous! But wowser - Katherine has been busily preparing the most extraordinary recipes for you this month - all served in lettuce cups!

Yes, that’s right - the weather is warming up down here in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s time for light and tasty dinner ideas. Let’s not forget the additional entertaining you might be doing! Prepare the fillings ahead of time and lay out some lettuce cups for your guests to help themselves - perfect!

So along with your stunning November Meal Plan, you can also access these new delicious recipes:

Fish Tacos
San Choy Bau
Satay Beef

All wholefoods, all mega tasty and all waiting for you inside the Membership!

The best thing about these recipes is that you can do all sorts of things with them - the satay beef can be served with rice - they could all be wrapped in rice paper rolls - you can add yummy salads to the side - the options are endless.

Which one will you choose to try?

Lisa x

November Meal Plan

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November Menu Plan

Are you playing the blame game?

I know that there are things you want in your life that don’t currently exist. I know that you feel hard done by sometimes that your situation isn’t different.

I completely get that at different stages of our life certain things might not feel/be possible.

But I want to challenge you on something today. I want to ask whether you blame a particular person or situation for you not having the things you want in your life.

I ask this question seriously because whenever we are playing the blame game we are in victim mode and not standing in our amazing power.

Watch this short video to see what I mean. I would love to know your thoughts on this!

Lisa x


November Outstanding Member - Kimberly Whitty AND Janine Thiedeman!

Here we are on the verge of December.

2018 is almost done. And I’m not sure about you - but I want the celebrating to come thick and fast from you guys.

Whether you’ve been a member for a few years or just a few weeks - there’s ALWAYS something to celebrate.

It’s so important to acknowledge how far we have come. Those small steps really do add up.

This month in the Membership we’ve eaten out of lettuce cups! We’ve moved ourselves out of victim mode and we’ve cleared out the bathroom cupboards.

But you know - it’s 150% OK if you didn’t get around to these things. This membership is all about moving forward from where you are - it’s not prescriptive - you can’t fail.

You take what you need when you need it. You know I’ll keep the goods coming week in and week out but that doesn’t mean if you skip a week that you’ve ‘fallen behind’.

It’s all stored in The Vault for when you want to dive in.

OK, so it was really hard to pick a Member of the Month because we had our awesome new Members arrive and start kicking goals INSTANTLY!

One post stood out for its simplicity and the gentle reminder that WE LEAD THE WAY! That the transformation for our family starts with us. Gah - I just gave myself goosebumps!

It’s true though. We are the change we’ve been waiting for.

So let me announce our first Member of the Month for November (and then announce the second, yes, the team couldn’t choose!)

Congratulations to Kimberly Whitty who shared the most beautiful post about a break-through for her and her son. BEST! The team will be in touch about your prize Kimberly.

Secondly, this lady needs a huge shout out. She’s such a committed Small Stepper and is constantly encouraging and cheerleading in the Facebook Group. She’s resilient and she keeps taking the steps and I’ve been honoured to have her as part of the community this year.

Janine Thiedeman you are a special lady and your transformation is not only having ripple effects in your own family - it’s having ripple effects in the Small Steps family too.

So much love and I can’t wait to deliver your gift.

OK - so one more announcement - I am going LIVE for our monthly Q&A tomorrow at 1 pm AEDT. That’s Tuesday 27 1 pm Melbourne time.

Post your questions in the comments or send us an email with anything you would like me to answer - nothing off the table. Food, life, simplifying, mindset - I’m all yours for an hour.

See you then!

And I’m looking forward to all that’s coming this December in the Membership.

Lisa x

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