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The Table

I’m going to share something with you that has had a profound effect on my life.

And it’s so ridiculously simple that it’s embarrassing!

See this pic:

This is my kitchen table. And as you’ll notice, it has nothing on it. This is quite a new thing for me.

See, there was always a little (or big!) pile at the end of it. Sometimes it was shifted onto a chair, sometimes it was moved to the floor. But always there was clutter around the table. I’d shove it down the end so we could eat. But it was still THERE.

If you’ve never listened to it – this podcast with Allison Davies – it’s a GAME CHANGER. It explains exactly why clutter is doing us no favours. Our poor brains, this day in age, are overwhelmed – all the time.

I made a commitment to remove the pile permanently. And now have a clear table to eat at, work at, play at. And it’s made such a difference to not only my life, but the kids too. They naturally sit down there now, whereas previously it wasn’t a drawcard.

Now, you might keep a clear kitchen table, but I wonder if there’s another spot that is collecting the clutter, a permanent pile? Is it time to look at that pile, remove it and keep the space clear, for good?

It’s these really small actions that start adding up to a completely different way of living.

Tell me – what clutter can you commit to clearing?

You might look at:

  • Your underwear drawer
  • Your computer desktop
  • Under your kitchen sink cabinet
  • Your ‘mail pile’
  • Your bathroom cabinet or makeup drawer – have out just what you need!
  • Your pantry (even just the spice rack!?)
  • Your tax
  • Your bedside table
  • Your medicine cabinet
  • Your bookshelf / kids bookshelf
  • Your kitchen bench
  • Your garage
  • Your jewellery box
  • Your tupperware drawer
  • Under your bed
  • Your linen closet
  • Your freezer
  • Your kitchen ‘junk drawer’
  • Children’s toys
  • Children clothing
  • Work desk

Good luck!
Lisa x

Let’s party!

Marinating and cooking a bulk batch of meat is such a great way to get ahead so that you can make a range of meals for the week. Use breast or thigh fillets -  or drumsticks for a cheaper option – whichever you prefer; you could also use beef or pork steaks if you wish.  

And this month, as the pre-Christmas social season begins, we’ve also included some new recipes for dishes to take along to gatherings – some crowd-pleasing pastries, and dip and cracker recipes that can be made grain-free and vegan to cater for your guests’ dietary needs.

New mouth-watering recipes waiting for you are.

November New Recipes

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When OK is good enough

Let me ask you - do you classify yourself as a ‘perfectionist’?

Do you hold yourself to ridiculously high standards?

Do you find that your mind chatter is all about what you are NOT doing well enough?

Here’s what I want you to know about perfection: it’s an illusion. Straight up - it doesn’t exist. It’s a story you are telling yourself about the way you think things should be. It’s all a story. It’s made up in your head and you are grinding yourself into the ground to reach this illusion that’s not even real.

Stop it!

We can’t do it all. We just can’t. There’s so much pressure to be all things to all people and it’s driving us a little nuts.

The video this week is all about you getting honest with yourself about where in your life ‘OK’ is good enough.

I want to share a little story with you…. I remember when I first moved to Brisbane back in 2012 and was making new friends. There was a playgroup near where we lived so my house became a meeting point and a place to have lunch afterward.

The playgroup was Tuesday, so I’d spend the whole of Monday cleaning the house, that had somehow gotten FILTHY since the previous Tuesday.

I’d find myself wiping the skirting boards and doing crazy things. I wanted them to think I was a tidy person (not my natural state!). I was trying to impress these women. I’d make food for the kids, food for the adults.

It ended up being a lot of work!

Until I suddenly realised I had a choice and didn’t have to make this an amazing experience in a spotless house each week. I had been saying no to other people bringing food - because it was my house.

Whhhaaaat?! Enough!

Sharing the load, not having a spotless house - it’s most certainly enough. And here’s the thing. When I stopped doing a full-blown clean - no-one noticed. And if they did, they didn’t stop being my friends. And sharing the food became an awesome experience that we’d look forward to each week.

Where are you holding yourself to impossible standards in your life?

At work?
The household?
With food?
As a daughter? A wife?
As a volunteer?

Are there areas here where doing an OK job is actually good enough? Is there anything you could pull back a little on? Could you forgive yourself, let it go and move on with the business of enjoying life? Notice how you feel when I even ask you that? A next step you can take here is to think about why you are obsessed with controlling everything around you. What do you hope to gain by living to these unrealistic standards?

Go on - find ways in which you can lower your load. It’s not selfish - it’s ESSENTIAL to live a life that feels easier and less overwhelming.

I created this video a couple of years ago as part of the Back to You program. I hope you enjoy it now, and I’m looking forward to bringing you some brand new video’s in November (ummm how are we almost there!?).

Much love,
Lisa x


November Outstanding Member - Shawna Mollo

Whether you’ve been a member for a few years or just a few months - there’s ALWAYS something to celebrate. 

It’s so important to acknowledge how far we have come. Those small steps really do add up.

And that is certainly the case for our member of the month for November! Shawna Mollo has been a small stepper for over 2 years now, and sharing her wins and contributing inside the FB community along the way. The team noticed her post about decluttering and simplifying and loved it. Thank you for sharing Shawna, and we’ll be in touch with your gift.

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