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Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

Your Sleep Space

Recently I did a huge clear out of my bedroom. And I have to say - we’ve only been in this house 18 months and I did a declutter at the start of summer so didn’t think I had much to do. However...

…. There was a drawer that never shut properly and had been taken out of the dresser and sat on the floor - with clothes piled high!

…. There was a stack of ‘bits and pieces’ that didn’t have a home at the end of the bed that I never seemed to get around to putting away.

…. I kept Small Steps Stationery boxes in the corner of the room and my handbags had no home so would be on the floor.

But….. things have changed!

All that exists on the floor now is my yoga mat that is waiting for me each morning. What a revelation. What a change! What peace now awaits me when I go to sleep.

So this month I’d like you to think about your sleep space. Is it a haven for you? Sure, it might be out of sight of visitors but it matters how YOU feel in your room. Can you simplify the space? Remove unwanted items and clutter? What have you been looking at for years but no longer serves a purpose or perhaps needs to be upgraded?

Even the things that are under the bed or at the top of the cupboard will feel good to clear out.

What small action can you commit to to improve your sleep space this month? Or maybe you’ve Kon Marie’d already and love it! Share a pic of before and afters in the Facebook Group! (I wish I’d taken one of the before….

Lisa x

PS a $12 scarf from KMart has made the most beautiful addition to the end of the bed - such an easy spruce up!

Let’s slow-cook!

The weather is getting cooler and it’s time to make full use of our slow-cookers!

Check out the DELICIOUS recipes that are now waiting for you inside the Membership:

Osso Bucco/Beef Stew
Creamy Chicken, Leek & Pumpkin Casserole

Um - yes, please!

Not only that - this month’s Menu Plan introduces Lamb as the hero protein and shows you exactly how to cook once and use multiple times for an easy week of family-friendly meals.

Remember that we are building up our collection of Staple Small Steps menu plans so that you can rotate your hero proteins throughout the month to save you time and money.

Cannot wait to start seeing pics of the slow-cooked goodness flowing into our Facebook group. And if you have a favourite slow-cooker recipe that you’d like to share with the group - make sure to post it (or a link to it) in the group.

My go-to has always been the Slow-Cooked Lamb Shanks but the new recipes are to die for!

Lisa x

May New Recipes

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May Menu Plan

Silence of the mind

This month I’m introducing you to something that has had a really big impact on me…

Attempting to silence my mind.

And I say attempting for a reason! This isn’t easy for me. I’m not the world’s best meditater (yet!) but I know the immense value of getting quiet. Not just verbally, as in stopping talking, but quiet in our mind.

What I share with you in this very short video is a strategy that I was taught to experience the sensation of the silence of the mind. It’s really helping form a practice around it (because it literally takes a second or two!)

Watch the video, experiment for yourself and let me know what you think.

Lisa x


May Outstanding Member - Carisa Arrigo

Another beautiful month in the membership... Maybe it’s been pulling out the warmer clothes or Mother’s Day this month, but I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy about you guys and how inspiring you are. The mindset shifts I am seeing in you FILL ME UP! So this week I celebrate you for being here, for stretching yourselves and for showing up for your life.

What can you celebrate about yourself this week? You are enough, right now, just as you are, so let us know in the Facebook group and tell me something awesome about you.

Looking back at the month, how good was simplifying our sleep space?! I start every day with less mental noise now and it’s the best. Plus it’s such a perfect accompaniment to our focus on silencing the mind. Less clutter in your space makes less clutter in your mind that much more achievable.

We dusted off our slow cookers, had some (more) mouth-watering recipes from Katherine and tucked into some lamb for our hero protein. I don’t know about you but I’m hungry!

If you missed the new recipes (hello amazing Beef Stew) or anything else we’ve done this month, it’s all available on the What’s New Page (scroll up!). Here you have access to this month’s videos, downloads, and recipes.

Now for our exceptional Member of the Month…

Carisa Arrigo joined us in April and has embraced the small steps approach beautifully - from menu planning to prioritising herself to shifting the focus of her thoughts, she’s kicking some serious goals.

Carisa, the team and I loved this post so much, we just had to celebrate you. We hope you’re back to good health and enjoying all the amazing shifts you are making in your life. You are a rock star!

Lastly, I have a special mention for Sammy Baker. Sammy was our co-member of the month back in November 2017 and this month she went live in the group to share her experience of past Mother’s Days and to encourage us to focus on the ways our families love and appreciate us. I love you for doing this Sammy. And I just wanted to add, it’s okay to tell your family outright exactly what you want. My guess is, they want you to feel loved and appreciated and if you let them know what that looks like for you, they’ll have a really good go at making it happen.

Don’t forget we’ve got our Live Q&A scheduled for 1 pm AEST this Wednesday. If you haven’t yet submitted a question, hit reply and we’ll make sure to add it to the list!

See you then.

Lisa x

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