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Simplify - First week of the month

Nourish - Second week of the month

Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month



You may have seen me promoting the Back to You program. This program was born at a time of my life that getting out of overwhelm was my number one goal! BECAUSE I knew this would be the key to me having more of what I wanted in my life. 

What that was, I wasn’t clear on. I just knew I was disconnected from Lisa and I used a stack of different tools and exercises to bring myself back in.

Because that’s where our power lies. Inside. It’s not anywhere external to us.

So I am gifting you the Back to You program and we are using it’s exercises as a compass point for content over the next month.

Modules Five, Six and Seven relate directly to the work we do in our Simplify weeks in the Membership. You can head straight to those, or work your way through the program beginning at Module One. 

Either way, the value you will get from these simple exercises might just have a profound impact on how you are tackling not only the social restrictions right now - but the life you want to create afterwards.

From Monday 4th May, you'll be able to access Small Steps Back to You from the dashboard.

I can’t wait to hear how you go inside the Facebook group.

Share your breakthroughs!


Pantry Clearout!

Not sure about you, but I have seen so many posts from people on socials (and also our amazing Katherine who admitted it on her Facebook Live) that people are over cooking.

That yes, we can value wholefoods and maybe even enjoy getting into the kitchen, but we all have our limits.

I get it! I have never ordered more Uber Eats in my life than the past two months!

So many times we can get ourselves caught in a trap of thinking because we CAN, we should. I say - we need to drop unrealistic expectations of being robots who can operate at a consistent level all the time. Not possible. Especially during a global pandemic with increased levels of stress and isolation.

That said - wholesome food is also so important. I bet you’re glad right now that you can whip together basic ingredients and call it a meal.

Here’s a few of the favourites that keep making an appearance for us…

Simple Stir-fry
Chicken, carrot and feta patties
Banana Bread
Chicken Traybake
Burritos using Mexican Spice

Also - because the weather is cooler - I whipped out the slow cooker the other day and used beef cheeks instead of Lamb Shanks in my favourite Slow Cooker recipe.

Now, because we are moving through the Back to You program, I want to highlight a few Modules for you this week.

Let’s head to Module 1 and 2. These are PERFECT exercises to be completing right now as we dream a little about what our life will be like beyond social restrictions and also what we need to LET GO OF in order to make that happen.

Dive in, complete the tasks, share your findings in the Facebook group!

Can’t wait to read about what you want to do with this one precious life.



So many of us are planners, organisers, ‘control freaks’... We want to know what’s coming. Covid-19 has been a massive moment of global and individual disruption that has taken away the sense that any of us have control over what happens in the world.

What’s happening ‘out there’ will always be changing, there’s disruptions to your life all the time. You are actually a master of dealing with change, even though you might resist it and find it hard.

The thing that has become increasingly apparent to me is that our internal landscape - our level of resilience, our inner dialogue, the space to process changes, our ability to fill our own bucket instead of living a life filling everyone else’s - is absolutely within our control.

Gifting you the Back to You program in May was intentional and designed to offer you a moment of reflection so that you can start landscaping your mind! Make it fertile, open and filled with possibility as we enter a new phase beyond iso.

I wonder if you’ve been able to take a moment to open any of the modules? I loved seeing Clare’s reflections from her notebook last week. When everything feels crazy ‘out there’ - bring yourself back to you. Be in conversation with yourself in an open and compassionate way. Hear the calling from your heart. It’s about the best gift you can give yourself, especially in a time of intense change.

Complete the rest of the modules in the program this week. It is Mindset week after all! And if you’re feeling brave, share some of your findings.

They are simple and super powerful exercises that might just provide you with clues to a new and exciting path forward.

Lisa x


May Outstanding Member - Nikki Arrowsmith

Well, it’s certainly celebration time in my house this week - with the kids heading back to school! And I will definitely be stopping to celebrate the fact we made it through this time.

There is no time for guilt, regret, ruminating on what I could have done differently or better. These past few months have challenged us all and grown us all in ways that we cannot even begin to grasp right now.

For me, it’s all about taking the lessons and moving forward into life beyond home-learning that feels calm and stable and healthy!

This Celebration Week in the Membership I hope you are giving yourself a pat on the back for making it through. Take some time. Really notice how you are feeling, what you are needing now. If there is a little more space in your day, get intentional about how you use it.

Now, because of the change up to routines this week, I did our monthly Q&A on Friday - you can watch that here.

And for our Member of the Month - we are celebrating Nikki Arrowsmith!

Nikki has been a member for a few years now and this month showed us how important it is for each of us to reflect back - to notice how all these small steps add up.  Congratulations Nikki, we love you are now making banana bread, roasting chickens and doing meals in a way that works best for your own family. Each of us has a different way but the ease and flow that comes from working out what is best for your own family is nailing the Small Steps philosophy.

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