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#simplify that LINEN

I remember seeing a fabulous video by the Imperfect Mum about her linen cupboard on Facebook a few years ago. Things were everywhere - it was chaos! I remember it being fabulous because I found out other people were like me. Things weren’t perfectly folded and there were items in that cupboard that hadn’t been used for years.

What a relief that I wasn’t the only one!

But … while you know I’m all about keeping it real and ZERO SHAME I’m also about small steps to make life feel simpler. I’ve discovered the immense power of decluttering and you’ve signed up for it too!  

It’s Simplify Week in the membership so we’re tackling something small but mighty.

Small because in the scheme of life - what significance a linen cupboard?

Mighty because in the scheme of my everyday - the simpler and less cluttered the better I feel, the clearer my brain, the happier I am.

So while it might seem insignificant - let’s declutter our linen cupboard. If, for no other reason than it’s going to feel AMAZING to tick something off our lists. And it’s ridiculous how satisfying tackling something that has been bugging us for months (years?) is. Don’t you agree?

So here’s my suggestion….

1. Pull everything out of your linen cupboard
2. Put anything you haven’t used in the last six months (or change of season) into a separate pile.
3. Sort everything that remains into matching piles (if matching is important to you). Anything that doesn’t have a match (random pillow case etc) add to the separate pile.
4. Now that you have sorted piles - be ruthless. I have two sets of kids sheets for each child (and a random extra set for potential night-time disasters). I have two sets of towels plus four extras for guests. Do you need all those swimming towels? Have you got fitted sheets that have seen better days? Are there 100 face washers when you only need 5 or 6? How are those bath mats? Add anything else you don’t need to your separate pile.
5. Fold and organise what remains and put back in the cupboard - label the spaces if it will help keep things in their place.
6. Go through your separate pile and keep any rags you might need and donate the rest, as long as it’s usable.

Once you’re done - share pics of before and after!

And if this feels like too big a job - just focus on one element - the sheets or the towels.

Lisa x

PS - If your linen cupboard is amazing - is there another cheeky cupboard that requires some loving attention? Which space needs a clearing so that your life feels easier and less cluttered?


Prefer to read? Download the full transcript and PDF version here.

Here’s the truth…. I’m a bit of a lazy cook.

This might surprise you seeing as I DO cook (which is anything but lazy really!), but if there’s a shortcut, I’ll take it!

Super excited to bring you the brand new May Meal Plan PLUS exciting new traybake recipes.

You are going to want to check out these brand new doozies:

- Chicken and Garlic (mouth is already watering!)

- Mediterranean Lamb and Feta

- Moroccan Chickpea and Vegetable

Also remember we are adding all recipes to our albums in the Facebook Group so you can search for and grab them easily from there!

And for the newbies - in the video I reference the classic Sausage and Veggie bake - if you haven’t tried that recipe - check it out because this style of cooking WILL change your life!

Happy nourishing.

May recipes

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May Menu Plan

Your Gratitude Practice

Prefer to read? Download the full transcript and PDF version here

A quick one and very simple message to help you enjoy your life.

This simple practice gets me out of a bind all the time.

It shifts my attention from being down in the dumps to content - even joyful! It was Brene Brown in Braving the Wilderness who said ‘the key to joy is practicing gratitude’.

I have found this to be true. We can’t be simultaneously grateful AND angry. It doesn’t work.

So my question to you is - do you have a Gratitude Practice?

Watch this video for how I’ve incorporated gratitude into my life to experience more JOY!


May Outstanding Member -Amelia Bhinder

In our Mindset week, we looked at adding more joy by creating a Gratitude Practice. When I think of game-changers to my mindset - practicing gratitude would be in the top five things that have changed my entire life. And it’s SO EASY to do.

I encourage you to keep practicing.

Now - to announce our Member of the Month…

 It actually shocks me that this amazing person has not been recognised before - but when she posted this update the whole team was so thrilled and we wanted to recognise her for not only the amazing steps she’s taken but for her generous and supportive spirit.

I know that so many of us struggle with Menu Planning and I think Amelia is such a great example of someone who experimented with doing things a new way and it paid off. You certainly don’t have to follow the Small Steps Meal Planner each month - start with creating your own, with meals you already know and love. Stop all those trips to the shops! Usually, on the weekend I make sure I’ve got breakfasts sorted, stuff for school lunches and dinner from Monday-Thursday thought about.

We know that creating new habits is hard - so celebrating you this month Amelia - showing it’s possible! Thank you for being such an amazing Member and lifting us all with your beautiful nature. You make our space so much brighter and I’m grateful for you.

Don’t forget we’ve got our Live Q&A scheduled for 1 pm AEST this Wednesday so if you haven’t yet submitted a question then hit reply and we’ll make sure to add it to the list!


May Bonus Challenge

Water & Breathing

With this week I thought we could focus on two things that make an immediate and often profound improvement to our physical and mental health.

We are going to focus on doing two things each day.

Here goes….

We are going to drink more water (I aim for 8 glasses - or 2 litres)


We are going to do big deep belly breathing for two breaths each day (minimum).

So - how does that sound? Achievable?

Watch the video to find exactly why I chose these two things to focus on and why you’ll feel better if you do it.

Let’s go!

Lisa x

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