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MASTERCLASS with…..yours truly!

I will be holding a live Webinar called Lisa’s Life Lessons - this is a collection of the most important things that have helped me change the way I think about food (and life!).

I’ll be in contact with details for that a bit later in the month.

Small Steps Challenge

Let's make Ghee!

I had seen so many fabulous bloggers and cookbook authors mention ghee and yet it had always been missing from my kitchen.

That has changed as I made my first batch for you in the video below. This is now a staple because as you see, it's the simplest thing ever to make!

If you'd like to know more about the benefits of ghee - this is a great article from Jude Blereau (read it anyway - as a recap of her brilliance and her opinion on what makes a 'good food')

(In the video I mention 400g of butter used. Not sure why that came out - I used 500g. Also - most recipes recommend the straining should include a cheese cloth - I only had my strainer because I couldn't find my nut milk bag - which would have worked a treat).

Lets Cook

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Download your May Meal Plan (from the Easy Kitchen Reset) and the 40 Recipes Ebook.


Download your Small Steps Stationary
I know it can be hard to keep up with all the new ideas - so that’s why I’ve created this stationary! Print them off and keep them handy, laminate and keep on your fridge - whatever you like!

You’ll find templates for:
•    Recipes to Try (anything that you see referred to that you want to go back and have a go at)
•    Recipes we Loved (this is for tried and tested recipes you know your family love)
•    Real Life Small Steps (because YOU matter - print this off each week and write down the small action you can take for yourself each day)
•    Shopping List
•    Menu Plan

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