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Simplify - First week of the month

Nourish - Second week of the month

Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

Let’s clear out your bag!

I deliberately have a small bag. Because all I really need is my wallet, phone, and keys. Right?

Hmmm…… it’s extraordinary what my small bag can fit inside. And it’s extraordinary that I let it happen time and time and time again!

So shall we enjoy that delicious feeling of a cleared out handbag AND wallet?

Sit down one night this week and clear that out.

We know that clutter is not healthy on so many levels, so be a warrior about clearing it away - make it your MISSION!

And to create a little fun around this - let’s post videos or photos in our Facebook Group to spur each other on!

Lisa x

New fish Recipes and new Meal planning mini course

It’s a big day today! For the past few years we’ve been bringing you brand new Meal Plans each and every month with Small Steps recipes and those from around the interwebs.

But there’s been something missing.

And when Katherine and Mel and I put our heads together in 2018 to discuss how we can better serve you inside the Membership - to create consistency in your cooking and get more wholefoods onto the table - it all started to become clear.

Let’s face it, so many of us are stretched for time. And food deserves to be delicious, affordable and not see you spending hours and hours in the kitchen.

So for the next four months we are rolling out a new style of Menu Plan - along with a change in the way we bring you the information.

You’ll notice a brand new page in the Membership site - The Why, What and How of Meal Planning. There’s some new (short!) vids to watch, downloadable PDF’s and you’ll see how we are sharing the new Plans and recipes.

Here’s how it’s going to work: we choose a Hero Protein for the week - of course we start with the Small Steps classic roast chicken! - and then build a plan around it. Knowing that you have one bulk protein sorted means that you are already way ahead. It keeps the budget down, your time cooking down and is the way both Katherine and I naturally sort our meals.

Cook once, eat often!

Of course - if you are vegetarian or chicken is not your thing - never fear - we have four Small Steps Standard Meal Plans rolling out. By the end you’ll have a month’s worth of rotating plans that are UNcomplicated, INexpensive and DElicious!

Let’s remember it can be easy. And that our bodies deserve to be nourished and well.

Katherine will also still be bringing you 3 delicious new recipes each month, so you'll never be short of inspiration! This month she has put together these fish dishes:

- Salmon, Sweet Potato and Pea Fishcakes

- Baked Fish and Vegetable Couscous

- Macadamia and Herb Crusted Fish

Check them out below.

Can’t wait to hear what you think.

Lisa x

March New Recipes

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March Menu Plan


Learn about Bodytalk

Something a little bit different this month in our Enjoy week. I’m introducing you to an amazing woman who I met last year and we are going to do a group energy clearing.

Sound a bit woo?

Haha! It totally is BUT it’s having a huge impact on my life. And many of you are curious about the things I’ve been doing privately to support myself throughout difficult times.

Charity Jacobsen is a BodyTalk practitioner. And she’ll be doing a group session for us - clearing overwhelm and stress.


Apparently, Barack Obama and Oprah are fans so if it’s good enough for them….  why would we refuse?

It’s my gift to you and I’d love you to come along and join us live this Wednesday at 1 pm AEDT if you can. We’ll explain a little about BodyTalk and Charity will attempt to explain how it works (still blows my mind!) and then she’ll do the session.

All virtual - it’s like magic!

I’ll send you a reminder before we go live but if I were you - I’d pop this in your diary straight away!

Lisa x


March Outstanding Member - Carly Tyquin-Lovering

Lifestyle change can feel slow sometimes - but I know there’s something there to celebrate. And if there isn’t - come into the Facebook Group and let us help you. Myself, the Small Steps Team and the other Members - we all want to help you move from the position you are in - to somewhere that feels better to you.

And remember - YOU get to define that. This is not about following someone else’s path - it’s about you.

Which brings me to our extraordinary Member of the Month. She has made some huge leaps in a ‘small steps’ kind of way of course.

Carly Tyquin-Lovering has been a member since March 2018 and we all love her positive energy and commitment to change. I remember reading in December about how she was starting to say no and thinking all the time about simplifying the silly season. She recognised her growth and I wanted to recognise her for her commitment to Small Steps and being such a great contributor to the group.

Wow! What a month in the membership - we simplified by remembering to ‘get back to basics’. And we looked at how we can practice saying NO when we need - with no further explanation needed!

I can make information and ideas available week after week. But it’s YOU embracing the small steps approach. It’s YOU making those small shifts that end up creating huge ripple effects for your family. It’s YOU opening the emails and watching the videos. It’s absolutely YOU with a like, a heart, a comment or a post creating the most extraordinarily supportive group of women on Facebook.

So in our Celebrate Week, I am celebrating YOU. For being here, for remaining open and absorbing new ideas. For taking whatever it is you’ve heard or read (and believe me - I don’t expect you to be implementing everything - some things will resonate more than others) and actually giving it a go.

It’s my honour to host this community. Thanks for making it so worth my time!

And we are honouring a rockstar Small Stepper this month. I’m sure you will all agree that Caroline Munchenberg is a wonderful contributor within the community, sharing her thoughts and idea’s and always jumping in to support others. Thank you for you all that you are and do Caroline! The team will be in touch about your gift.

And now I want to hear from you! What questions do you have for me? Our monthly Q & A call is scheduled for 10 am this Weds 27th Feb, and I am all yours. If you can’t make it live, send me an email with your question anyway and I’ll be sure to answer it.

Lisa x

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