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Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month


Get THAT drawer done!

Let’s get it done. That annoying spot. That drawer. That space that stresses you out - almost daily.

How good would it feel if you ticked off THAT drawer? For me it’s the tupperware. Seriously - how did it get out of control in the few months we have lived here?!

But there’s also this blue tub that sits on my work desk. It’s a ‘collect-all’ spot. Things that are too hard to file or action straight away. I want it empty - I want a clean slate!

So shall we commit to one spot this week?

Are you with me? And what’s the spot?

Simplifying our lives sometimes requires tackling the piles. And creating a new system for it not re-appearing.

So if you tidy this spot - think about how you will ensure it doesn’t get messy or disorganised again. Or piled with junk!

I’d love to hear what you come up with.

Lisa x


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Let’s talk ‘energy’


This week we are focusing on your energy - how you use it, whether you conserve it and prioritising it.

I’d love you to watch today’s video - it’s a short one - but I ask you some very important questions.

I think we need to completely reframe our conversation on energy. Because how much in your life relies on you having the energy to do things? How many times do you berate yourself that you are out of energy? You are NOT alone if it’s a lot!

I recorded this video on the floor, moments after a very revealing conversation I had online. I needed to capture in that moment the breakthrough I’d had about energy so I could share it with you in Enjoy week.

Remember that this week is all about little mindset shifts that can help you take small steps towards a life you enjoy - love - LIVE FOR!

So I’d love to know what you think after you’ve watched the video. Challenge yourself to write out your initial responses on a notepad. Just journal out an answer to -

Are you conserving your energy for the things that matter?

With so much love,
Lisa x


March Outstanding Member - Elischa Yeager

The divine self-proclaimed ‘turtle’ changing her life one small step at a time - Elischa Yeager. Aside from the gorgeous stories she is sharing about her son (he needs his own TV show!) this was one of my favourite things she wrote - after sharing her win of 40 minutes on her new treadmill:
“I'm definitely the tortoise in this race and not the hare, but I'm okay with that. One foot in front of the other. My diet already looks so different from last year when I first joined Small Steps. I'm happy to say I'm finally taking charge of my life and (even though it's really hard work some days), I'm proud of how far I've come already.”
I am so proud of you Elischa for being kind to yourself - for taking it slow - because that’s the kind of change that sticks.
I wonder where she and you will be in another year’s time!?
Let’s all celebrate EACH OTHER and Elischa. Which Small Step did you take?

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