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Simplify - First week of the month

Nourish - Second week of the month

Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

Get it on paper!

I’m sure you’d agree that a huge part of simplifying our lives is the extra mental space this provides.

Getting your dinners written out for the week - perfect!

Having your inbox at zero - so good!

A handbag that contains only essentials - praise be!

And so this month a practice that saves me on the daily. And look, it’s not sexy. If only you could see the MOUNTAIN of notebooks I have lying around….

But it’s effective, and it involves spending five minutes at night writing out essentials for things that need to happen the next day.

You don’t need a fancy notebook, you can even do it electronically.

Just get five things that you’d like to happen onto paper. I mean - let’s go a step further and write out the meals you’ll eat!

Here’s what will happen…

  • You’ll stop that horrible mental planning in bed at night.
  • You’ll actually tick things off your list, instead of having them floating about in the ether.
  • You can begin to trust yourself that things won’t ‘fall off the radar’.
  • You can begin to prioritise and create space because you won’t waste time chasing your tail.
  • You could choose to put something just for you on that list. And begin adding more joy into your life.

Sound like a plan?

If you already do something similar we’d love to hear about it. If not - by a simple notebook and practice this simple nightly task that could just change your world…..

Lisa x

Meatballs and Sides!

For the southern hemisphere Small Steppers, the weather has definitely cooled. Katherine and I were so pleased to see all the excitement for the delicious Slow-Cooker Meals she created last month. If you didn’t try them, never fear, they can all be found in the vault at any time you need them.

We continue our theme of delivering you meal plans that are built around a Hero Dish. This month - the humble meatball!

Is there anything a meatball can’t do? Download the June Meal plan below and return to it whenever you want an easy week with delicious food the whole family will enjoy.

Not only that three delicious new side dish recipes:

  • Cheesy Zucchini Brown Rice
  • Parmesan & Pumpkin Polenta
  • Lemon & Herb Quinoa 

Get in my belly!

Make sure you take pics over your creations and share them in our Facebook group.

And remember - these meal plans don’t need to be followed perfectly - take an idea, make it part of your weekly routine - create change in small steps all the way!

Lisa x

June New Recipes

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June Menu Plan

Finding Five

I’ve been learning a bit about intimacy recently. The different types of intimacy and how important it is to human beings.

When we have a conversation with someone about our day, when we hug or kiss, when we laugh together, when we have sex, when we cry on someone's shoulder - that point of connection is powerful.   

Sometimes we can be around people a lot without necessarily connecting with them. And if we did, our mood would instantly be improved because our brain releases happy hormones into our body. Not only that, our relationships improve and life generally feels better.

I get it though - especially as a parent of little kids I can feel touched out and just want my own space! I have thoughts of “I’ve got nothing left to give”. But what if we sought connection to fill us up? The kind that triggers all the good vibes?

This week we challenge you to ‘Find Five’. Five minutes of connection with five people you love.

Here’s what that might look like:

- Ask your partner for a cuddle on the couch for five minutes. TV off, kids in bed, no talking required - just physical connection.
- Check in with each of your kids - ask them what they would love to do with you for 5 mins and do it with them (no checking your phone, no mentally planning tomorrow). Maybe have a bath/shower with them one night this week??---- Pick up the phone and call a friend to recall a great time you had together. Remember it with him/her in detail - relive that joy!

Or anything else you can think of that creates connection and a point of intimacy. Experiment with this to see how it makes you feel. I guarantee you’ll get addicted! This stuff is so much more satisfying than chocolate after dinner.

Lisa x


June Outstanding Member - Brodie Macdonald

Ahem, excuse me, it’s June…..  we are HALF-WAY THROUGH THE YEAR!!

What the actual?!

Let’s take stock and celebrate this first half of the year.

I’d love to know what’s changed for you since January 1. Please share in our Facebook Group (Or feel free to hit reply on our weekly email).

Have breakfasts changed? Are you feeling more relaxed about food in general? Have you made some changes to your home? How’s that mindset of yours?

Anything that’s shifted - I’d love to know.

This month has been nourishing on so many levels.

Simplify: We freed up mental space before putting our heads on the pillow. That quick list of the five most important things for the next day allows you to really sink into the rest that follows.

Nourish: The rather humble meatball donned the hero cape but may have been slightly overshadowed by the new sides. Cheesy zucchini rice? Stop it!!

Enjoy: And then perhaps my favourite this month, our endorphin-producing intimacy focus. Did you accept the challenge to create 5 moments of connection and intimacy? How did this one feel, ladies?

Don’t forget - if you missed anything - all you need to do is check out the What’s New section (this page). You can catch up in 15 minutes!! And remember, what you need won’t pass you by.

We are going live with our monthly Q&A Monday, June 24 at 1 pm AEST. I’m seeking any and all questions you have for me. These sessions are so much more fun when people lose their self-consciousness and ask whatever is on their mind. Because let me tell you - if you have a question I bet 100 others do too!!

And now for our amazing Member of the Month - the gorgeous Brodie MacDonald.

Brodie has been actively lifting up our Facebook community for almost a year now. She is considerate, helpful and generally a pleasure to have around.

Brodie, I see and appreciate you! I see the changes you’re making for yourself and the way you hold yourself accountable. How is that morning routine coming along? x

There were so many of Brodie’s posts to choose from but really, when you make your daughter a dress for her Eucharist, it deserves to be recognized.

Congratulations Brodie! We think you’re awesome and the team will be in contact to sort out the delivery of your prize.

So I’ll see you Monday, June 24 for our live Q&A? Don’t forget to send through your questions. Sending so much love and a big warm hug to anyone experiencing the winter chills!

Lisa x

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