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Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

Eat a Frog

When it comes to getting sh*t done - we’ve all got our ways. For me personally - I have a tendency to knocking over the small, inconsequential tasks.

This Month we are simplifying by getting clear on the big hairy FROGS in our lives and deciding to tackle them first. Like a decluttering of our To-Do list.

Here’s the thing. Most of us are ticking things off our list without EVER giving time to the bigger, more meaningful tasks that will actually change things for us, for good.

When I began an online business I would ignore the tasks that felt too time intensive because I could get so much more of the small things ticked off my list which made me think I was super productive.

But I wasn’t.

I wasn’t doing the REALLY important things.

Then my friend introduced me to a book called Eat That Frog (Brian Tracy) and it changed everything.

We would have ‘frog eating sessions’ where we would declare the frogs we were going to eat and then we couldn’t come back until they were done. Wow, I pushed through a lot in those sessions, We’d set ourselves an hour, declare our frogs and see what had been achieved. If we knocked them off - we declared more frogs. It was a lesson in minimising distraction and getting super clear on priorities.

So I’d love to know - what are some frogs you need to eat? Let’s use our FB group as a place to declare our frogs and get them done!

My frogs might be:

Connect all our different myGov accounts (ARGGGH - the headaches this would solve but how I resist doing it!)

Make dentist appointment for all kids (because almost every day I think about this and have never done it - yep - my kids have never visited a dentist!)

I’m not going to list everything I need to do - just two or three things. But I need to tackle them FIRST. That’s one of the things about eating frogs - the longer you look at it the harder it feels to eat it. So just eat the damn frog and move on.

You up for it?

If so declare some frogs in the FB group and report back when they are done!

Lisa x

What you joined this membership for is lasting change. Where you will never go back to the ‘old ways’ and I can tell you for sure you’ll have more chance of achieving this if you take your time and see the whole journey as an experiment.

This month we are experimenting with beans and legumes. They are a nutrition POWERHOUSE and underutilised by so many of us.

When you want to add protein to a meal, but not in the form of meat or if you’re looking for budget-friendly ways to create meals - beans and legumes are my go-to.

Try them out in the recipes below.

I’m most excited about the Burger Formula because our clever Katherine is the Queen of meat-free patties and she’s brought us a no-fail Formula for creating protein and nutrient dense burger patties with a variety of ingredients. You will LOVE IT!

And we’ve also got you a cheat-sheet on how to prepare beans and legumes from scratch (if this is something you’re interested in trying). Download here.

The awesome Wholefood Collective is my favourite place to purchase my pantry staples and they’ve put together a really simple page for Small Steppers to go and grab a few bits to experiment with.

Click here to check it out and don’t forget to use the code SSL10 for your exclusive member discount.

Happy cooking!

Lisa x


June Recipes

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June Menu Plan

Don’t Limit Your Imagination

Prefer to read? Download the full transcript and PDF version here

I love these weeks where we can delve a little into our Mindset - because I truly believe that this is where the magic lies. That whatever is happening in our outside world is a direct reflection of our internal world.

So today I thought we’d talk about our imagination. And more importantly that our lives can only be as good as what we IMAGINE.

Have you ever had that uncanny feeling what you saw in your mind is exactly what ended up happening?

Or that for someone you know - their life went to a completely new level and you have no idea how that happened for them.

Well, what I’m discovering for myself is that I can only create in my life - what my mind can conjure up.

I can’t be a circus performer without first THINKING I want to be a circus performer. I can’t have a tidy house without first THINKING I want a tidy house.

You see - our mind creates our reality before we are living it. So are you limiting yourself in your life by not using your imagination for what it is meant for. To imagine things. To dream. To create visions that don’t actually exist yet.

I wonder if your life is where it’s at (in a state of chaos or overwhelm or dissatisfaction) because you haven’t yet imagined another way? Haven’t got a clear vision? The only limit to your success (in ANY area of your life) - is your imagination.

I encourage you to watch the video (or read the transcript) and then sit with this. Take out a big piece of paper and just go WILD with your imagination. Dream up anything and everything you can for your life. It doesn’t need to make sense or be rational. The wilder the better!

Then reflect on what you’ve written. And share in the group how you feel. Is there anything that you’ve written that you’d like to turn your attention to. Because we know - where attention goes - energy flows. And you might just be surprised the miracles that start occurring in your life.

With so much love,



June Outstanding Member - Alecia McGill

This month has been fun. You learnt about the concept of Eating Frogs in our Simplify Week and then pumped up the Beans and Legumes in our Nourish Week. And last week it was all about our imagination and knowing that what we create for our lives is limited only by it. Oh I love that juicy concept and I know it stretches our brains a little and can be confronting to hear - but also so so so liberating if you allow it to be.

And for our amazing Member of the Month - I just couldn’t go past Alecia McGill

Check out this post - which highlights what the team has noticed from her which is a willingness to try new things. (Can you remember her High Tea post in May too - so much goodness in that post!)

Not only is she trying new things - she’s simplifying her life and letting things go - which is also a huge part of this journey.

Congratulations Alecia on all your Small Steps wins! Your encouragement to others in the group doesn’t go unnoticed either. We think you’re awesome and the team will be in contact to sort out the delivery of your prize.

Next month we’ve got so much goodness planned. Get set for simplicity and delicious foods.

We are going live with our monthly Q&A on Tuesday, June 26 at 1 pm AEST so I’m seeking any and all questions you have for me. These sessions are so much more fun when people lose their self-consciousness and ask whatever is on their mind. Because let me tell you - if you have a question I bet 100 others do too!!

Sending so much love and a big warm hug to anyone experiencing the winter chills! I can tell you that winter in Melbourne is a bit of a shock after 5 years in Brisbane!

Lisa x

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