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Alisha Lynch: Sleep

Our guest this month Alisha (Naughty Naturopath Mum) and I talk about sleep. She shares her insights from research prompted by her own issues with sleep.


Alisha Lynch

Alisha is a wife, a mum, a Naturopath, an Australian bush flower essences lover, a business owner, a hugger, a crier, a blogger, a foodie, a recipe creator, an inspirer, and on a mission to make your experience of this precious journey a little more naughty-and-guilt-free, a little more balanced, a little more healthy, and a little lighter! After training to be a Naturopath she was drawn to the amazing benefits of Flower Essences and started creating ready made blends to help with the most common of issues I was seeing for adults and for kids.

Find more on Alisha on Facebook or her website: www.naughtynaturopathmum.com.au

In this interview we cover:

0.52 - A bit about Alisha

2.32 - The basic’s of sleep and how much you should be getting

5.08 - The affect that the food you eat can have on sleep

12.15 - The impact of stress on sleep

15.55 - Other key factors in sleep including movement, daylight and our bedrooms

24.33 - Understanding what happens to our bodies during sleep

27.24 - Waking at certain times of the night and what it can be caused by

36.40 - Three Small Steps to improving sleep

Small Steps Challenge

get more sleep

This month - for one week - your challenge is to be in bed by 9:30pm every night for a week

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