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Simplify - First week of the month

Nourish - Second week of the month

Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

What Are your house values?

By now, you know that I like to keep things simple. And I’m constantly looking for ways to simplify and streamline my life AND have that be in accordance with what feels good and aligned to my values.

Recently the idea of having House Values came up. A set of values that govern what’s most important here at home and help us all make decisions about what feels most right.

I see Values like a compass point for my life – so why wouldn’t it make sense to have them as a family?

This was a discussion I had with the kids and the Values that are most important to us are:






So instead of only looking at the list of daily tasks that everyone needs to complete (WHEN will I be able to stop reminding them to brush their teeth in the morning?!) we have a big beautiful list of our Values on the fridge too.

So simple and such a great way to create conversation around something that really matters.

Download your House Values PDF and start a conversation with your crew about what’s most important.

Lisa x

Warming Baked Recipes

It’s chilly in the Southern Hemisphere so we thought it best to warm you up with some nourishing baked breakfast dishes. Katherine has outdone herself!

These recipes are so simple and delicious and will make everyone happy for a perfect start to the day.

This July get stuck in to:
Baked Apples
French Toast Bake
Savoury Zucchini Loaf

And our July Meal Plan is built around a Mexican Mince (or beans for vegetarians). Such a simple staple to have on hand that the family will love and you can create multiple meals from.

Remember - creating a Hero dish for the week is what we are all about. Cooking once and having it cover many meals = heaven! There are now a number of Hero Dish menu plans in the vault for you to experiment with.

Can’t wait to see the pics of what you’re cooking up this week.

Lisa x

July New Recipes

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July Menu Plan

Winter Reading List!

The cooler months (or the warmer months for those northern hemisphere Small Steppers!) are the perfect time for a little reading.

This July the Small Steps Team has put together a list of their favourite books for you to devour either all cosy and warm under a blanket, or relaxing by a pool. (Or, let’s face it, in the four minutes you spend awake in bed before passing out on your pillow!)

As our gift to you in Enjoy week, download your Winter Reading Guide for food and mindset inspiration.

Lisa x


July Outstanding Member - Kellie Jeffries

It’s the best time of the month! It’s time we stop, take stock, and find something small or large to celebrate from the past month.

I’ll kick things off - I’m celebrating myself for the way I’m showing up and choosing the things that raise my vibe. And that brings me very nicely to how much I loved running our mindset training! I mean, I got to actually see some of your gorgeous faces and share in-depth about one of my favourite topics. Now that’s a recipe for a high vibin’ Lisa! If you couldn’t make it live, the replay is here and waiting for you. I would love to hear what takeaways you had and how you are taking #smallsteps to implement them in your life. 

In fact, next week, because we have an extra week of the month I’ll be coming in to prompt you next Monday with a few questions to ponder based on the training. It’s powerful stuff!

We can also wholeheartedly celebrate the baked breakfasts coming out of our ovens after this month’s meal plan. If there is one way to get the Mum of the Year vote from my kids it’s gotta be French Toast Bake. Katherine, you are my hero. 

And drum roll, please…..

Our Member of the Month is a long term small stepper and someone who has quietly gone about sharing her awesome self with us for years. Kellie Jeffries, we love you! Kellie has done so much in our group - recorded a video for us on poaching eggs, shared snazzy food ideas, been vulnerable enough to lean in for support, and most recently, started a whole small steps pen pal situation. Could this be the sweetest movement ever?!

Now, when we were deciding on the best post to share, we went back a little further than usual. We just couldn’t go past this one that made us laugh and laugh (and laugh). Whether you’ve read it before or it’s new to you, you’re sure to enjoy a giggle. Thanks, Kellie xx

Kellie, I so appreciate you and all that you bring to our community. The team will be in touch soon with details of your gift. 

We have our live Q&A Wednesday, July 24 at 11:30 am AEST. I’m pumped for it! The questions have been awesome lately so I can’t wait to see what you bring me this time around. I always love to have you join me live if you can. It’s so much more fun. I’ll also be answering some of the questions from the mindset training that I didn’t get to, so if you’re waiting on a response, tune in live or watch the replay. 

Much love,
Lisa x

July Bonus Challenge

Bonus Week

I hope you’ve had time to watch the Life Coaching Call (the actual teaching part goes for 60 minutes - the Q&A is what makes up the extra time!) but if not, then you’ll still be able to participate this week.

I decided on the topic of ‘time’ and getting things done because I see so many of us struggle with this and NEVER put ourselves on the agenda.

So the Challenge this week is for you to do two things…

1. Do something every day JUST FOR YOU! This must be scheduled in. It doesn’t have to take long. Could it be a little 15-minute meditation? A walk? A coffee with a friend? Make it all about you - not something to be done around the house that would make you feel better - but something that you might even consider ‘selfish’. Go ahead - EVERY DAY!
2. Inventory your life - where have you set crazy high standards and how is this causing you stress? Name one area where you could let yourself off the hook a little.

Of course, these will make more sense if you watch the session. But if not, let’s share in the Facebook Group your responses to the Challenge!

Let’s make time for what matters this week!

Lisa x

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