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Simplify - First week of the month

Nourish - Second week of the month

Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month


Your Sleep Space

What a few months this has been! Can you believe it’s July already? In some ways it feels like this year has gone on forever, yet in others it feels like it’s only just beginning after a strange false start. For some of us, post-lockdown life has begun and things have almost gone back to “normal”, with kids back at school and social activities starting up again. While for others, re-imposed restrictions mean we’re spending a lot more time at home again.

But whatever the situation, it is sooo important that we nurture ourselves. So this month we’ll be focusing on just that. Starting with our sleep space.

Recently I did a huge clear out of my bedroom. I did a declutter over the summer holidays so didn’t think I had much to do. However...

…. There was the ‘treasure’ chest which had become a dumping ground of memories, random cords and strangely, baby blankets!

…. There was a stack of ‘bits and pieces’ that didn’t have a home at the end of the bed that I never seemed to get around to putting away.

….There were boxes in the corner of the room and my handbags had no home so would be on the floor.

But….. things have changed!

Since I cleared the space (again!) I have space once more for my yoga mat. What a revelation. What a change! What peace now awaits me when I go to sleep.

So this month I’d like you to think about your sleep space. Is it a haven for you? Sure, it might be out of sight of visitors but it matters how YOU feel in your room. Can you simplify the space? Remove unwanted items and clutter? What have you been looking at for years but no longer serves a purpose or perhaps needs to be upgraded? How can you make this a nurturing space for you?

What small action can you commit to to improve your sleep space this month? Or maybe you’ve Kon Marie’d already and love it! Share a pic of before and afters in the Facebook Group!

Lisa x

PS In lockdown I upgraded my bed. I’d slept on the same mattress and base for twenty years. I put off this purchase for years and years because it always felt too indulgent. But what I’ve learnt is that those upgrades, they are the exact ones that I need to invest in the most as they raise my vibration and feelings of abundance. I remember a simple $12 scarf at the end of my bed gave me the same feeling twelve months ago.



This month is all about the word Nurture. If you look up the meaning of “nurture” you’ll find this: care for and protect someone or something while they are growing. I find the second part of that - while they are growing - pretty powerful. We think about nurturing our babies as they grow, but how often do we think about nurturing ourselves as WE grow? We are always growing. Are you caring for and protecting yourself too? Think about that...

Last week in Simplify week we looked at improving our sleep space to make it a more nurturing environment, one that is a haven for us, that helps us to care for ourselves. How has that been for you? If you made changes, have you noticed that it’s made you feel different? More cared for and protected?

This week, in our Nourish week, I want us to look at nurturing our bodies. And the perfect way to do that in winter is through soups packed with goodness, starting with making a nourishing broth. If you’ve never used bones to make broth, maybe this month is the time to try. You’ll find a How-To video here and an interview with broth expert Micheline Andrews here, if you’d like to learn more about the wonders of broth.

Once you’ve made some of that delicious goodness (or used one of the fabulous concentrated bone broth products available now), use it to make a big pot of soup. This is such a simple way to get dinner on the table and lunches sorted for a few days. Really, is there anything better - or more nurturing - than a bowl of warming soup on a cold day? Here are some of our favourite soup recipes from the Vault for you to try:

Roast Vegetable and Bean Soup
Pumpkin Soup
Potato and Leek Soup
Beef and Barley Soup
Asian Chicken and Corn Soup

Make sure you share your nurturing soups in the Facebook group!



How have you been nurturing yourself lately? I hope you made some nourishing soup last week and enjoyed the feeling of flooding your body with goodness. It’s so so important that we take care of ourselves while we work so hard to take care of others. 

This week, we’re heading back into the Small Steps Vault to continue to nurture ourselves. Did you know we have yoga videos in there for you to access any time you want? My good friend Jules recorded several sessions for us. And this week I want to draw your attention to the Heart flow she recorded for us. 

In the video, she talks about how we often hunch over as we nurture our little people and that this can cause our shoulders and middle back to become super tight. So this session is all about opening our heart and chest - to nurture ourselves too. 

I hope you enjoy taking the space and time to come back into your body and look after you!


July Outstanding Member - Lorraine Della-Rough

It’s the best time of the month! It’s time we stop, take stock, and find something small or large to celebrate from the past month.

I’ll kick things off - I’m celebrating myself for the way I’m showing up and choosing the things that raise my vibe and nurture myself. 

During the school holidays I cleared the space for myself to get away for 2 nights without the kids (and I’m glad I did given lock down was announced a few days later for Melbourne!). 

But it’s also the small things - like making a pot of soup, having a bath, and making sure to get to bed in the 9’s!

This month we looked at our sleep space and connected in to our hearts with a Yoga practice from the Vault. We also highlighted all the yummy soup recipes for you.

And drum roll, please…..

Our Member of the Month is a long term small stepper and someone who has quietly gone about sharing her awesome self with us for years. Lorraine Della-Rough, we appreciate you and all you’ve contributed to the community - it’s a lot and it doesn’t go unnoticed! The team will be in touch soon with details of your gift. 

We have our live Q&A this Friday at 11am AEST. I’m pumped for it! The questions have been awesome lately so I can’t wait to see what you bring me this time around. I always love to have you join me live if you can. It’s so much more fun. Hit reply on this email to submit a question, even if you can’t be there live.

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