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Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

Simplify Your Goals

If you’ve been around the traps for a while you’ll know that I’m more interested in how I feel than setting crazy unrealistic goals that end up with me in a heap.

But here’s the thing - I’m also a very driven person and when I have a vision in mind of how I want things to be - it’s actually really important to me to make it happen.

And we need focus.

The trouble is when we try to achieve too much too quickly.

So this is an invitation to streamline your goals. We are halfway through the year and I bet there are things on your wishlist for 2018 that aren’t yet realised. So let’s do something about that.

Here’s how I simplify my goals:

  • I first brainstorm my big picture - a five-year plan. My default is to think all this can happen tomorrow…. Needless to say - it can’t. (Hopefully, you had a go at this last month when we let our imaginations runs free!)
  • I get clear about the THREE MAIN things I’d like to achieve.
  • And then I set about incorporating those goals into my daily life.

We can often feel resistance about starting big projects - which is why those first initial small steps are so important.

You may use a different approach - S.M.A.R.T. goals are very popular. But I can often feel overwhelmed at the thought of remembering what that acronym means hahaha!!

If you want to shift the needle from where you are now to where you want to be - choose just three things to focus on.

And see how clarity helps things get moving.

Share your three things in our Facebook group!

Lisa x

Well, it’s really damn cold in Melbourne at the moment. This first Melbourne winter is absolutely stunning and freezing. I certainly had acclimatised to Queensland’s mild winters.

The best way to warm up in the kitchen during cooler months is with SOUP!

We’ve had a pretty consistent routine of Potato and Leek soup and Pumpkin soup over the years - as well as my famous Minestrone (pureed for the kids) but I’m ready to mix things up. So lucky that Katherine has developed three new outstanding Small Step soup recipes just for you and I personally cannot wait to dive in.

And if you missed it - Jude Blereau and I spoke about Winter foods and the need for Rest on Facebook a few weeks ago - that interview is now safely archived for you in our Membership portal. It was a fabulous chat - full of inspiration and practical advice about staying well during the cooler months.

So much deliciousness to dive into.

Can’t wait to see the pics of what you’re making this week inside our Facebook Group.

Lisa x


July Meal Plan

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July Menu Plan

I am...

Prefer to read? Download the full transcript and PDF version here

It’s our mindset week in the Membership and today something very simple for you.

That has to do with the power of words.

The power of naming your identity - that we create with our thoughts and our words.

One of the simplest ways we can do this is by using the phrase - “I am….”

Watch today’s short video for instructions on how to powerfully implement the use of these two words for an immediate mindset shift.

And ENJOY your week.

Lisa x


July Outstanding Member - Yolanda Tentser

It’s ‘that time of the month’ - haha - no not THAT time! It’s time we stop, take stock, and find something small or large to celebrate from the past month.

I personally have loved the spotlight on Soups this month - and am celebrating branching out the flavours for my family - and having it eaten! It’s always a little happy dance moment when a new food you prepared was eaten. Let’s face it - that doesn’t happen all the time around here.

I interviewed Sarah Boyd on resilience in kids this month (watch that here) and what really stuck out for me was that mothers must be the most resilient people around! We can be knocked down and we keep getting back up. Not only that - these knocks keep making us stronger and stronger. Even though we may not feel it at the time… 

So perhaps this month you can celebrate your resilience? The fact you kept going when you thought you had nothing left, you re-committed to your health after making choices that didn’t serve you, you woke up with a smile after going to sleep wondering how on earth you’d get through another day - whatever it is YOU are worth celebrating.

It’s often the smallest things. We need to notice ourselves and our evolution and if you’ve been in here for a while I’m sure you agree the small steps do add up. It’s important to stop and reflect.

So I’m high-fiving you and your resilience - you’re amazing.

Our Member of the Month is the one and only Yolanda Tentser! She brings such a warmth and energy to our group and has had some big wins recently. But this post takes the cake! Prioritising decluttering but asking for what she needs and not sitting in ‘victim mode’ meant that she got the help she wanted, didn’t spend all day resenting her husband AND got a decluttered pantry.

This is HUGE! Taking massive strides right here and it fills my heart with delight that one small step at a time we are shifting up our lives in so many positive ways.

Go girl!  We’ll be in touch shortly with details of your gift.

This month’s Live Q&A is a nighttime one! Thursday 8:30 pm AEST I’ll be going live to answer all your questions. Hit me up with what you’d like me to cover. The questions have been awesome lately - some really great chats. I look forward to hanging out with you.

Much love. And get set next month - we are going to be focussed on mornings! Oh yes, we really are (this doesn’t mean military style torture in the middle of winter - don’t worry). I can’t wait!

Lisa x

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