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Simplify - First week of the month

Nourish - Second week of the month

Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

Plan for Simple

Here we are - it’s 2020! 

While I’m beaming big huge Happy New Year vibes at you I am also sending out so much love to anyone in this community affected by the bushfires. 

For those at home, safe and sound, I hope you are relaxing with your family. 

Doesn’t a tragedy like this start to put things in perspective?

Imagine you had to pack your life into a car - what would you bring? Imagine that everything disappeared - what would you build BACK IN to your life? 

At the end of last year I took all extra activities off the agenda for myself and the kids. And it means that this year, I can consciously choose what to sign them up for - now that I know how balanced both the children and I can feel with way less on. 

Things are going to be changing in the Membership in 2020 - in order to SIMPLIFY the process of change for you and give your brains less to think about but create a more impactful experience. 

I explain that in this video:

Our first Simplify week we bring back the Planning for Simple worksheet.  We have to take stock of where things are at and what needs to change. 

In order to do this I’d like you to consider some important questions. 

Download it above.

Let’s get real with ourselves and spend time mapping out exactly what simplifying means to us.

Of course - share your answers inside the Facebook Group! 

Can’t wait to hear what you come up with.

Lisa x


One of the simplest ways to make an impact ...

I don’t know about you, but I had been feeling in a bit of a fog in response to the bushfire crisis. And the team and I have been thinking about ways to contribute beyond just personally donating money.

It got us thinking about the beginning of Small Steps - what drove me to create it. Food is such a beautiful way into the world of self care and looking after yourself, as well as the conversation around sustainability. Buying from the farmers markets, reducing the amount of plastic wrapped goods that you buy, planning out meals and reducing food waste - it all adds up.

Just by being here as a part of this community and continuing to take Small Steps, you are already making a difference. Whenever we choose to simplify, to buy less stuff and be a more conscious consumer, we are contributing to a better future.

We each have way more ability to make an impact on the bigger picture than we often realise.

And so this week during Nourish week, we are putting a focus on simple food and meal planning. There are a stack of resources inside the membership, but I encourage you this week just to choose ONE to work through.

Easy Kitchen Reset - If you need a full reset in the kitchen, this is a short 7 day program to work through! Adjust it to suit your family, and then make sure you keep it handy for any time that you need a tried and tested meal plan.

Food Series - if you are rocking some meals, but not others, dive into one of the food series. There are week long deep dive modules for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks - so whatever you need help with. Just pick a meal and let the inspiration flow to you.

Hero Protein Meal Plans - If you don’t have a default meal plan built around a hero protein yet, jump on it! These meal plans are based around cooking one bulk lot of protein at the beginning of the week, and using it in multiple meals. AND once you have a plan that your family loves, you can come back to it again and again. 

AND to really help you nail meal and food planning, we’ve organised a special Q & A session with our foodie genius Katherine. This is an exclusive session just for members inside the Facebook group next week. Lock it into your calendar now - Tuesday 21st Jan, at 12pm AEDT. Send us an email to pre-submit any questions you have.

Lastly, I want to let you know we’re also going to be opening the doors to the membership for a short amount of time later this week to new members. All proceeds will be donated to various bushfire charities.

Remember you have power, and Small Steps add up.

Lisa and the team x


A short video for you today explaining my favourite New Year ritual!

Each year I choose a feeling to help guide my decisions (sometimes it’s more than one word). I do this instead of writing goals. 

I think about how I want to FEEL and allow that to be my focus. 

Watch the video where I explain the process (and my two words for 2020!) and then use the list of feelings words to help inspire your choice. Don’t choose too many - three or four would be the maximum I recommend.

And of course - let us know what you choose in the Facebook Group!


January Outstanding Member - Carly McLaughlin

I’d love to know a Small Step that you are celebrating from this month? Let us know in the Facebook group!

Reflecting on something positive from the month (or week, or day, or year!) has such a profound effect on the way we feel - it’s why there’s a dedicated CELEBRATE week each month.

And of course - we celebrate a superstar Small Stepper. This month it is Carly McLaughlin.

Carly has been a Small Stepper for a while now, and we absolutely loved her reflection post about all the pieces that have been adding up for her here. 

She is also a wonderful cheerleader to others in the group. Thank you Carly, and keep up the Small Steps!

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