If its not a 'hell yes' its a no

In the interest of simplifying our lives I thought I’d introduce you to a concept that was exposed to last year.

I have experimented with using it and while sometimes I feel like is far too grey for such a simple way of making decisions - it has served me well on many occasions.

Watch the vid as I explain ‘If it’s not a Hell Yes - it’s NO!’

And as usual, let’s talk about what you think and in which ways you could apply it in the Facebook Group.

There are so many things calling for our attention, our time - it can be so confusing to know what to say yes to. No is a super powerful word when it comes to simplifying your life.

Don’t you agree?

Lisa x


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Small Steps NEW YEar Workshop - Replay

It’s time to really step into 2018. I know for me the first few weeks of a New Year pass in a blur. 

But by around this time I’m starting to feel intentional. Because most likely, nothing much has changed since December 2017!

So watch the reply of our Small Steps New Year Workshop.

I share a few cool things with you that will help you get you set and sorted for 2018. 

Lisa x


January Outstanding Member - Karoline Silva

Well, that’s January done….. WHAT!?

I certainly hope you enjoyed our New Year Workshop last week and if you haven’t seen it yet - here’s the link to the replay.

I am thrilled to be helping you shape YOUR awesome 2018. It won’t look like anyone else’s, nor should it. But my hope is that we’ll have kicked some common goals as a group. Things like speaking more kindly to ourselves, improving our family’s health by improving the food we buy and eat, moving a little more, saying YES to things that matter and NO to things that don’t.

But this week, we stop and celebrate.

I’d love to know a Small Step that you are celebrating from this month.

Me? I’m celebrating having my first proper ‘break’ from work in three years and our first proper holiday as a family of five. I’m celebrating the feelings of clarity and the energy to take on this year. It feels awesome.

Reflecting on something positive from the month (or week, or day, or year!) has such a profound effect on the way we feel - it’s why there’s a dedicated CELEBRATE week each month.

And of course - we celebrate a superstar Small Stepper. And I’m sure all of you in the FB group would agree that Karoline Silva is someone AMAZING to have around. She’s a huge #smallstepscheerleader (thanks Karen for starting that hashtag!), she shares openly and honestly and not only that - she is organising a Melbourne get-together and is collating resources for Small Steppers - like fave podcasts, books and blogs.

Can we give a HIGH FIVE to this lady! Thank you for all you are and all you to for us.

I look forward to hearing what you’re celebrating from January in the Facebook Group.

Much love,

Lisa x

PS - Next week two simple tricks to simplify your wardrobe - in a hurry!

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