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Anita Rossiter: Why you should ditch the scales (and what to focus on instead!)

I have created a worksheet for this Masterclass to help with taking notes as you move through. Download it here. If you are totally new to the world of wholefoods and the power of food on your healing - then this Masterclass is going to be intense and most probably will blow your mind.

*Note the PDF worksheet can be saved to your computer so that you can type in to it, or you may like to print it off. It won't work on mobile devices.


Anita Rossiter

Anita spent 9 years at university studying a broad range of sciences including chemistry, nuclear medicine, sonography, a short dabble in psychology and then found herself in nutrition.  She worked in nuclear medicine and PET diagnostic imaging in Australia and the UK for 13 years before a series of health issues affected her and her family which sent her back to university to study post-graduate nutrition in search of solutions.

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Everyday Wholefoods – Workshop Replay

 This is a recording of a live public workshop that I ran. Download the worksheet here Download the Dinners Ebook here Download the sample meal plan here If you are looking for more food inspiration head in and check out the Food Series for stacks of idea’s. [progressally_objectives]

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See and print the dinner idea’s here.

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How-to: Simple Stir-Fry

 See and print the recipe here.

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