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Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

Back to Basics!

Gee, we have a tendency to over-complicate things!

Life feels easier and way more fulfilling when we simplify things. But where to start? Now that the year is back in full swing - it’s the perfect time to come back to basics.

So I thought we’d focus a little on what’s going into our mouth….

When I’m feeling off-track with food or the routine has gone out the window - I remember just how simple it can be to fuel my body. I do these things…. And you know what - it’s crazy just how obvious these things are but how they are often the first things to go….

      1. I sip on lemon juice in water to start my day. And I increase my water intake throughout the day.
      2. I have a good breakfast planned - my go to’s are my Basic Bircher, Eggs and Greens, Peanut Butter on Sourdough or my Simple Smoothie with a few extras like Maca Powder, greens, cucumber and peanut butter.
3. I make a super simple dinner plan. My go-to can be found in the Easy Kitchen Reset program. (login to access)
      4. I think about fresh food and how I can eat more of it. I’ll have boiled eggs and corn on the cob on standby for quick eating. I’ll have veggies chopped up to dip into hummus.

The SIMPLE things you guys. Water, a good breakfast, a simple plan for dinners and more fresh food.
That’s it. That’s how I get myself back on track. That’s how I simplify what can become SUPER complicated. The world of food doesn’t have to be.

Let us know the Back to Basics tricks you use to simplify food for yourself.

Lisa x


Delicious salad YUMMY YUMMY!

Haha - did I really just throw a Wiggles reference into that line…!?

You bet I did.

And why not? They had to make a fun song about fruit to encourage kids to eat it - but the best thing is - there is no song and dance required to encourage you to eat these delicious new salad recipes!

It’s Nourish Week and your brand new meal plan is below.

And the recipes that are ready and waiting for you are:

  • Brown Rice Salad
  • Pasta Salad
  • Honey Mustard Potato Salad

Um - yes please to all three.

Jump on in and check them out and let’s share a stack of photos and inspo of the Small Steps we are taking with food this week. DISCLAIMER: the pics don’t have to be insta-worthy. When we see each others creations - no matter how boring it may seem to you - we all get inspired and feed off the ideas.

So go on - share at least one meal this week. Let’s flood our Facebook Group with and inspire each other.

Lisa x

February Recipes

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February Menu Plan

No is a Complete Sentence

I’m a bit done with something…. Not sure if you feel this too?

But every time I say no to something I feel like I have to justify it.

“No, I can’t come because [insert reason that I think will make the other person happy]”
“No, I don’t feel like doing that because [insert reason that justifies you not doing something you feel comfortable with]’
“No, because….”
“No, because….”
“No, because….”



No is a complete sentence and I’m getting used to sitting comfortably in my no’s. The people pleaser in me struggles. The polite Lisa struggles.

But I’ve found lots of ways to start saying no in a way that people aren’t offended by and I’m standing in my power. Watch the video to find out more.

I don't need to justify all my no’s. Neither do you. I don’t need to feel bad or uncomfortable about my boundaries - they make me a better person. Exercising this new muscle feels both empowering and totally freaky.

No is a complete sentence!

Ready to give it a try?

Lisa x


February Outstanding Member - Caroline Munchenberg

Wow! What a month in the membership - we simplified by remembering to ‘get back to basics’. And we looked at how we can practice saying NO when we need - with no further explanation needed!

I can make information and ideas available week after week. But it’s YOU embracing the small steps approach. It’s YOU making those small shifts that end up creating huge ripple effects for your family. It’s YOU opening the emails and watching the videos. It’s absolutely YOU with a like, a heart, a comment or a post creating the most extraordinarily supportive group of women on Facebook.

So in our Celebrate Week, I am celebrating YOU. For being here, for remaining open and absorbing new ideas. For taking whatever it is you’ve heard or read (and believe me - I don’t expect you to be implementing everything - some things will resonate more than others) and actually giving it a go.

It’s my honour to host this community. Thanks for making it so worth my time!

And we are honouring a rockstar Small Stepper this month. I’m sure you will all agree that Caroline Munchenberg is a wonderful contributor within the community, sharing her thoughts and idea’s and always jumping in to support others. Thank you for you all that you are and do Caroline! The team will be in touch about your gift.

And now I want to hear from you! What questions do you have for me? Our monthly Q & A call is scheduled for 10 am this Weds 27th Feb, and I am all yours. If you can’t make it live, send me an email with your question anyway and I’ll be sure to answer it.

Lisa x

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