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Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

Let's get you back on track!

Alright it's February! Which, let's be honest, is my start of the year.

School holidays are done, we can get back into a rhythm, and, if we've partied our way through January, it might be that moment we draw a line in the sand.

Whether you have kids or not, school aged kids or not, there has definitely been a funky vibe to January here in Australia. So we've put together a little Back to School, Back to Me Guide - to help you reset.

Get my favourite breakfast ideas (yes YOUR breakfast matters just as much as the kids!), school lunch ideas and also my go-to ways to centre myself.

This month in the Membership it's all about prioritising you. You know that you matter, right? That it's OK for your needs to be considered and prioritised. I find, everything works better around me when I'm taken care of. And the only person responsible for taking care of me - is ME!

So let's get started. Download the guide here and let me know where you're starting!

Lisa x

PS We raised $12,366 from the Membership in January and I made the donation to Rural Aid for that exact amount over the weekend. That's two entire truckloads of hay to two farms in fire affected areas! YOU DID THAT! Thank you for your contribution. Rural Aid have already been in contact to say thank you - so I wanted to pass on their gratitude to you. x


YOUR breakfast or lunch

This month in the Membership it's all about prioritising you. Because you matter. And when you are at your best, you’re able to help others more.

So last week we gave you a Back to Me Guide (download it here if you haven’t already) with some simple steps and recipes. And I wonder … when life gets busy, what are your minimum defaults that you fall back on for breakfast and lunch? Or do you find yourself munching on a piece of toast as you head out the door…?

This week, I’d love you to focus on YOUR breakfast or lunch. Just pick one, and see how simple and nutritious you can make it! 

There are a stack of idea’s inside the Vault for you, but we’ve highlighted a few below.

Most can be prepped ahead and eaten for more than one day, OR thrown together in less than 10 minutes. Don’t forget that for lunch - leftovers are your best friend. Make a little more at dinner and keep it for yourself the next day. Just add some greens.

Honestly, the thing that I ask myself every day is - what can I add that is fresh and vibrant and alive and gives me energy! It’s important that you are thinking about that for yourself - not just everyone else around you. The more living foods we eat, the more vital we feel. 

So which meal are you going to focus on? Breakfast or lunch? How can you up the nutrients? Share with everyone! 

You are so worth taking care of.

Lisa x

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One thing I did that changed the game

So in the Membership this month it's been all about prioritising you. And I get it - it can be hard to shift the mindset of "I'm happy as long as everyone else is happy". Or we are so used to having obligations to other people that we kind of forget that what we need matters.

So here's the simplest and most powerful way I found to prioritise myself - no matter what is going on around me.

It'll take you approximately 30 seconds each day - and will totally change the game!

Ask yourself: What do I need today? What would make today awesome?

That's it! 

So simple and yet I found this process life-changing. You matter, your needs matter. And no one else is responsible for making life feel awesome for you. That's on you lovely lady.

Let me know what you think!

Lisa x


FEB Outstanding Member - Kate Clayfield

I can make information and ideas available week after week. But it’s YOU embracing the small steps approach. It’s YOU making those small shifts that end up creating huge ripple effects for your family. It’s YOU opening the emails and watching the videos. It’s absolutely YOU with a like, a heart, a comment or a post creating the most extraordinarily supportive group of women on Facebook. 

So in our Celebrate Week I am celebrating YOU. For being here, for remaining open and absorbing new ideas. For taking whatever it is you’ve heard or read (and believe me - I don’t expect you to be implementing everything - some things will resonate more than others) and actually giving it a go. 

It’s my honour to host this community. Thanks for making it so worth my time!

And we are honouring a consistent Small Stepper this month - Kate Clayfield. Kate has been a member for 2 years now, and we’ve noticed her Small Steps wins and contributions within the group. Thrilled to have you as part of our community Kate. The team will be in touch about your gift.

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