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Simplify - First week of the month

Nourish - Second week of the month

Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month


Do you have a uniform?

Serious question. Do you wear a uniform for work? If you do - lucky! If you don’t, join the massive amounts of people making a decision about what to wear everyday.

So let’s simplify your wardrobe.

In two ways.

Go to your t-shirts/tops/jumpers - whatever is lying down flat in drawers and remove the bottom 3-5 tops. When was the last time you wore them? Do you need them? Are they taking up space? If so - find a new home for them. Keep it LEAN in there!

Put together five outfits, lay them on your bed and take photos. These outfits should be pretty versatile - add a cool weather addition if you need it. Have these clothes ready at the start of the week so you know they are available to you. Take the THOUGHT out of deciding what to wear.

You could do this every week if you want to mix it up - take the pics on a Sunday so you can look through your phone (star the pics so you can find them easily - or send them to yourself in a text message) and grab and go.

These five outfits are your uniform. No one else cares if you wear the same thing often. Personally, I’m working towards a wardrobe of fewer but nicer items.

How does this feel for a simplification task….? Remove the unwanted tops that are taking up space and you never wear anyway and create a uniform to simplify the decision making.

Let me know how you go!

Lisa x


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Grab your Menu Plan

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What's Next For you?

Today’s Small Step asks you to think about what’s next.

I strongly encourage you to watch this video before contemplating your ‘next level of liberation’.

This was a concept I was introduced to in a podcast a while ago and forced me to think about what freedom meant for me, what I felt was holding me back and what the next level of ‘liberation’ was.

At the time, I think freedom meant working only in school hours, and not every night! Once you work out what it is, then you can try and find ways to

So many of us think we are stuck in the status quo, but in fact, we just haven’t considered what our next level of liberation is - so we don’t know what we are aiming for.

Have a ponder…. And of course - keep it simple! Here’s a few ideas...

Outsourcing ironing, saying yes to further study, a Friday night ‘off, getting nails done once a week, a food delivery service, putting money aside for a family holiday, more/less childcare, a decluttered house, a clear inbox, de-friending negative people on Facebook, a career change.

What would make you feel free and liberated?

As usual, let’s discuss in the Facebook Group!

Lisa x


February Outstanding Member - Karen Garner-Hamilton

In our Celebrate Week I am celebrating YOU. For being here, for remaining open and absorbing new ideas. For taking whatever it is you’ve heard or read (and believe me - I don’t expect you to be implementing everything- some things will resonate more than others) and actually giving it a go.

It’s my honour to host this community. Thanks for making it so worth my time!

And we are honouring a rockstar Small Stepper this month - the most amazing Karen Garner-Hamilton. Rock solid, open and supportive. Honest with her struggles which allows everyone to see what’s possible when you stay committed. I remember the stories of about resistance in her household when she started her Small Steps journey. And just last week she shared a picture that had my heart melting all over the place.

Karen - you personify Small Steps and I’m so proud of you (that sounds weird - but I am!!). We’ll be in touch about your gift.

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