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Your ‘silly season’

If there is ANY MONTH of the year we need to keep things mega simple - I’m talking crazy simple - then it’s December - am I right?

What I want you to think about this December is what you can say no to. Yep - no. A simple life is one with super clear priorities. Remember - overwhelmed is busy without a plan.

So you’ve got your Christmas Checklist ready to download but I’ve added a new section this year…. You’ve got a What Not To-Do List. It’s not exhaustive - just some things that came to mind. Feel free to add a bucket load more.

In fact - we could brainstorm in the Facebook Group!

What can you take OFF your to-do list this December?

And here’s a quick message from me on the power of priorities this December.

Much love and simplicity!

Lisa x


A festive surprise for you!

We keep it real in the Membership and I’ve got to say - that there’s a fair bit of indulging that goes on for me in December.

To say anything else would be flat out lies!

But it’s not to say that wholesome food disappears, it’s just that extras are added in with so much entertaining.

And do you know what I make that mean about myself? Nothing! I am not a bad person, I am not a failure, I am not ruining anything. I’m participating in the festivities of the season. Come January I’ll be juicing like a mad woman and craving normality - but for now - it’s all A-OK.

This December, along with your meal plan, we have a special treat for you!

We’ve collated all the very best Small Steps recipes for your Festive Table all in one handy place. Something for every occasion - you are completely taken care of this holiday period.

Oh and of course there are gorgeous new recipes!

Beetroot Walnut and Feta Dip
Honey Mustard Glazed Ham
Honey Roasted Baby Carrots
Asparagus and Tomato Salad

So go ahead, download a mega simple meal plan - truly this doesn’t need to be a fancy time of year. Then check out the Small Steps Recipe Collection here or download it as an ebook here: Small Steps Festive Table eBook.

Share which recipes you might prepare and what is making it on to your Festive Table

With so much love and deep gratitude for our amazing Katherine McCoy for stunning recipes all year - what a gift she has!

Happy eating!

Lisa x

December Meal Plan

Minimise Your Triggers

This week I know that many of you will be gearing up to spend time with people that you might not see often. There might be very good reasons for that! Our families (or in-laws) can often be our biggest triggers so I want to encourage you to stand in your power this holiday period (and always, of course!)

Three quick pieces of advice that help me when I’m around people who trigger me:

1. My triggers are always about judgement. So I ask myself ‘what about this situation/person am I judging?’
2. I remember that most of the time people are bringing their best selves to a situation
3. I remember that everyone’s opinions of me have NOTHING to do with me.

Watch the video as I expand on these ideas.

My wish for you is to enjoy the company of your family and friends this festive season.

Lisa x


December Outstanding Member - Candie Ellis-Williams AND Skye Andrew

Here we are in the final week of December and I wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas tomorrow, if it’s something you celebrate.

Enjoy the carols tonight!

I won’t take up too much time except to share that I’ve been blown away this month. You guys have literally made me cry on MANY occasions - not only your compassion towards me as Nick is away this December - but the huge wins (that can sometimes appear small) that you’ve been sharing.

Some of you have created monumental changes this year. It’s the introverts of the group stepping out and being seen and celebrating their wins that really gets me. Names that have been part of the community but have stayed hidden or not written their own post.

You touch all our hearts in the biggest way when you share your story, your truth, your struggles, your Small Steps wins. That goes for you extroverts too! It all matters. Your voice really matters in this community.

Candie Ellis-Williams who finished uni - was the best! Thank you for sharing that story with us and the way the Small Steps approach has helped you. We were all giving you a round of applause on the other side of the screen. I mean - can you imagine if Small Steppers had been in the audience?!?! How much noise we would have made as you crossed the stage!? That’s what you get in here. The best pack of cheerleaders ever.

For that reason, we have joint Members of the Month this December. Candie Ellis-Williams and Skye Andrew with their brave posts deserve a special mention.

When Skye shared the photo from the day she had her hair cut I was almost a puddle on the floor. What a moment. What a woman. What bravery. And what a giant freaking LEAP!

So happy for both of you, we’ll be in touch shortly to send your gift.

This is the thing - we start with food - we take the Small Steps and this seeps out into every other part of our life. The mindset and the simplifying topics matter so much and you might not complete or try everything that comes your way - but I promise it starts to take effect.

Now - we won’t close off this month just yet - I’m adding a bonus for you next week - an interview with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz that will provide you with a stunning process for rounding out the year.

See you in your inbox on New Year's Eve.

Sending so much love to you and yours. Enjoy the festivities.

Lisa x

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