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Simplify - First week of the month

Nourish - Second week of the month

Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

The weekend

How are your weekends working out for you?

Are they jam packed?

Are they filled with quality time and self-care?

Not sure about you, but I hate the feeling of being tired on a Monday! I’ve made a concerted effort to simplify my weekends by slowing down the pace. It has made such a difference to how I show up and face the week. 

We are going to do a little inventory on your weekends because if we don’t stop to reflect we just keep doing the same thing over and over. 

So here’s what I’d like you to do…

Fill out the form to find out what’s actually gone on on your weekends and whether it matches up to how you’d like things to be in an ideal world.

I’ve filled out a few areas that might relate to you and there’s extra boxes for you to use as desired. The idea is to get a little more intentional with our time.

Obviously weekends are all different and there’s going to be seasons of life that are busier than others - but unless we take stock, we might not realise there’s more opportunity to create space than we realise. The idea is not to be ‘go go go’ all the time!

Are you with me?

I’d love to hear about what can change in your weekends for a simpler and more enjoyable few days (that you totally deserve!)

Lisa x

Family Favourite Recipes

Oh, baby, have you got some goodies waiting for you to make wholefoods even simpler and more tasty! 

Three classic family favorite recipes. Here at Small Steps, we are all about nailing the basics. Because once you have the basics, the options are endless. 

Shepherd’s Pie
Mini Meatloaves
Potato Bake

Check them out below.

This month’s delicious Menu Plan is based around slow-cooked lamb as the hero protein. This is a fantastic staple to cook ahead in bulk. Use it in different ways to give you three great dinners through the week, or add a batch to the freezer for an easy dinner later on.

As always, Katherine has outdone herself and I cannot wait for us all to dig into the deliciousness. I know what’s on my menu plan this week!

Lisa x

August New Recipes

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August Menu Plan



Something special this month for our Mindset week.

I’ve pulled a training out of my program Small Steps Back to You - about Commitment. 

This is a hairy message to receive - so hold on tight! 

And if you’ve seen it before - well rest assured it’s something that I come back to time after time (often day after day).

So many of us wait to feel inspired or motivated before we take the action that we know is going to change our lives. It’s a flawed concept! In my experience - committing to the change comes first.

From this video, the major take away is that you are always committed to something. So if you aren't committed to exercising each week, you are committed to NOT exercising.

How does that idea make you feel? For me - it was a wake-up call. The conversation in my head changed. If I am not committed to a tidy house, I'm committed to a messy one, but I always complain about having a messy house. 

So either - STOP COMPLAINING or do something about it. Right?

I can’t wait to hear what you think. 

Lisa x


August Outstanding Member - Claire Richards

Are you ready for it….? I know you are. It’s time to celebrate! 

Can I just ask, are we all absolute pro’s at this now? Oh, I look forward to the day we’re tootin’ our horns willy nilly. 

I’d love to know - what has happened in your life this past month that is worth celebrating? If we don’t create moments of reflection then we never get to see how far we’ve come.

Don’t just skip over this!

Lifestyle change can feel slow sometimes - but I know there’s something there to celebrate. And if there isn’t - come into the Facebook group and let us help you. Myself, the Small Steps Team and the other members - we all want to help you move from the position you are in to somewhere that feels better to you. 

And remember - YOU get to define that. This is not about following someone else’s path - it’s about you.

Which brings me to our awesome Member of the Month - Claire Richards.

Claire joined the membership in March this year and it sort of feels like she was made to be here! She has come at every meal plan, weekly theme and live Q&A with fabulous energy, enthusiasm and preparedness to implement what she’s learning. 

Claire, your commitment to your growth is inspiring and I am excited to watch you step further and further into your power. We’ll be in touch soon with details of your gift x

This post shows beautifully Claire’s steady steps towards a life that feels good:

Here is a quick recap on all the goodness from this month:

- We simplified the weekend - how refreshing! I already know that has created a bit of much-needed space for some of you.
- We enjoyed a meal plan built around slow-cooked lamb and soaked up the benefit of Katherine’s shared knowledge over and over again.
- I shared a powerful training on commitment from my Back To You program. If you missed that one, I’d encourage you to take 5 mins to watch it. It’s a game-changer.

Everything is here for you when you need it. 

Much love,

Lisa x

July Bonus Challenge

Bonus Week

I hope you’ve had time to watch the Life Coaching Call (the actual teaching part goes for 60 minutes - the Q&A is what makes up the extra time!) but if not, then you’ll still be able to participate this week.

I decided on the topic of ‘time’ and getting things done because I see so many of us struggle with this and NEVER put ourselves on the agenda.

So the Challenge this week is for you to do two things…

1. Do something every day JUST FOR YOU! This must be scheduled in. It doesn’t have to take long. Could it be a little 15-minute meditation? A walk? A coffee with a friend? Make it all about you - not something to be done around the house that would make you feel better - but something that you might even consider ‘selfish’. Go ahead - EVERY DAY!
2. Inventory your life - where have you set crazy high standards and how is this causing you stress? Name one area where you could let yourself off the hook a little.

Of course, these will make more sense if you watch the session. But if not, let’s share in the Facebook Group your responses to the Challenge!

Let’s make time for what matters this week!

Lisa x

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