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Simplify - First week of the month

Nourish - Second week of the month

Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month

Simplify Your Mornings

It’s August!

And we are focusing on mornings.

I can tell you, the way my morning rolls can set me up for the entire day. I wonder if you’re the same? So let’s put a gentle focus on our mornings this month.

No - I’m not going to suggest getting up two hours earlier - just a few small steps you could take for a smoother morning routine that I’ve been able to implement with all the little people around!

I explain them a bit further in today’s video, but in summary - here’s a few things you could try…
1. Don’t turn on your phone as soon as you wake up. Leave it in flight mode, or off until all the morning jobs are done. This small step has revolutionised my morning.
2. Put your clothes out the night before. Do this for any other member of the family too. That five minutes the night before makes a world of difference to the morning routine.
3. Start with gratitude. When you get up, lay your feet on the ground, take a deep breath and say “thank you, thank you, thank you”. Doing this first thing sets a beautiful tone for the day - especially if I haven’t had a cheeky scroll of my socials from bed!

Not huge - but could be hugely beneficial!

Have a go of these, or think about how you could simplify and streamline your mornings. Anything that you’d like to get in the habit of?

Remember - change requires repetition - so choose one or two things and do them every day. Then move onto the next once it’s become a new habit.

Next week we’ll talk about one of the huge benefits of a simple morning and in Enjoy week we take it all a step further!

Have a fabulous day!

Lisa x

Let’s eat!

I love Nourish Week because I get to deliver you outrageously delicious and healthy recipes and a meal plan.

But this week, I’m also issuing you a challenge. Oh yes, I am!

This month you have three brand new One-Pot dinner recipes available inside the Membership. Prepare for mouth-watering deliciousness and ease - one-pot dishes are just the easiest!

You’ve got:

Sausages and Lentils (looks and sounds weird - is delicious!)
Beef Chow Mein - a family staple
One-Pot Spanish Chicken and Rice - which needs to be in my belly YESTERDAY!

As well as checking out these recipes you can also download the meal plan below and let us know what you love from it!

Now, for the challenge……

Considering we are putting a focus on mornings this month in the membership I’d love you to try this for the next seven days….

Sit down and eat your breakfast.

Can you do that? Or do you already sit down and eat? If so - brilliant!

So much yumminess this month with a focus on simple dishes using wholefood ingredients and a call-to-action to sit down to eat your breakfast. If you need some extra breakfast ideas - download my Breakfast eBook and make something delicious!

Lisa x


August Meal Plan

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August Menu Plan

Create your morning

So there’s this thing that I feel happening everywhere…

It’s insidious and sneaky and we don’t realise it’s happened until someone shines a light on it.

So here goes…..

It’s the lack of choice we feel we have over our lives. Which turns into powerlessness that keeps us stuck doing the same shit over and over again.

And it’s time for it to stop.

It’s time for us to remember almost everything is a choice.

So your morning routine - a choice lady! Sure, there might be kids and babies - still, there are a million choices you could make to change up your morning routine for ease and joy.

This week I want you to consciously create your mornings. We discussed ideas for simplifying mornings at the start of the month - but we are going to take that to a new level here. What does your ideal morning look like? (Don’t base this on how anyone else could make it easy for you!)

Does it involve waking up to water indoor plants?
Does it involve waking up to collect fresh eggs from chickens?
Does it involve an uninterrupted shower?
Perhaps you read for fifteen minutes before getting out of bed?

Whatever it is - it’s your choice whether you create it or not.

So - have a think - and let me know how you are going to choose to do mornings.

Much love,


August Outstanding Member - Liesa Adlington

The final week of the month we celebrate wins, big or small.

New Members might be celebrating taking the plunge and signing up (a BIG step!) or perhaps doing a simple meal plan, or even just posting their first post in the Facebook Group.

You might be looking back over the month and feeling proud that you took part in the Tech Freedom Program or celebrating a new morning routine that sets you up for the day. Perhaps it gave you a little breakthrough?

I’d love to know - what has happened in your life this past month, that is worth celebrating? Small Steps related or NOT! It’s so important to ‘pause for applause’ because if we don’t create moments of reflection then we never get to see how far we’ve come.

Don’t just skip over this!

Lifestyle change can feel slow sometimes - but I know there’s something there to celebrate. And if there isn’t - come into the Facebook Group and let us help you. Myself, the Small Steps Team and the other Members - we all want to help you move from the position you are in - to somewhere that feels better to you.

And remember - YOU get to define that. This is not about following someone else’s path - it’s about you.

Which brings me to our awesome Member of the Month - Liesa!


Liesa has been a fabulous contributor since she joined. Beautiful insights and vulnerability about her journey as she moves forward, one small step at a time. Thank you for everything you bring to the group Liesa - we are excited for you! 

Lisa x

August Bonus Challenge


August is a five-week month and that means a cheeky little extra challenge for you.

Seeing as we have the ‘mornings’ theme running this month - let’s focus on the single one thing that would make mornings easier - GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP!

You know it, I know it. And yet…..

If there are little humans that stop you from getting enough sleep - that’s one thing. But if you are staying up late for very little reason whatsoever or your sleep is not as healthy as it could be - here’s a few things you might want to try…

-Cut back on caffeine in the afternoon

-Reduce sweet stuff after dinner

-Open a book instead of your internet browser

-Set an alarm to for bedtime (check out the Bedtime section in the Clock of your iPhone
if you have one - the Bedtime function will chime an alarm to remind you to get to bed!)

-Drink plenty of water during the day.

What other ideas have you got for improving your sleep time? Can you commit to bed at a time that would mean you’d wake up fresh? Share and declare in our Facebook group!

Lisa x

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