New content is released each week and will be updated below. But don't worry, all of the info still lives in the Vault section for you to refer back to anytime! Release schedule:

Simplify - First week of the month

Nourish - Second week of the month

Enjoy - Third week of the month

Celebrate - Fourth week of the month


There’s so many things to do, isn’t there? Here in the Membership we focus on Simplifying and decluttering, Nourishing your body and Enjoying life.

It’s a simple formula.

But amongst all that there’s A LOT - isn’t there?

So I’m all about the quick little nuggets - easily implementable that make a BIG difference to your life. Because we are here to shake things up, right? We are here because the status quo requires a reset.

Today, in our Simplify week in April I thought I’d share with you the SIMPLEST way I practice gratitude. It’s become a daily habit and just about the best way to start a day (in my humble opinion).

Here’s all you have to do….

When you wake up in the morning, plant your feet on the ground and say “thank you, thank you, thank you”. Ahhhhhhh delicious!

That’s it.

Doable? Simple enough?

Here’s the trick - you need to REMEMBER to do it! So you can pop it on a screensaver on your phone if you use it as an alarm, you could put a sticky note on the floor right where your feet land - anything you need to do to remember.

And like all things Small Steps - we experiment. We try it on and see how it feels. Practicing gratitude is the thing that will shift my mood and raise my vibration and I can do that first thing in the morning in an instant.

I’d love to know if you try it and how it feels for you.There’s so much to be thankful for.

Lisa x

Bolognese meal plan!

Thrilled to share a brand new Meal Plan - with mince as our hero protein. Now - if you’re vegetarian - the good news is that you can replace the mince with lentils, or veggies of your choice. For new members who may not have tried this bolognese recipe - just quietly…. it’s delicious! And I bet once you try it, it’ll be on rotation at your place. 

Remember that here at Small Steps you DO NOT have to follow a complete meal plan to be doing great. You may get a burst of inspiration to actually plan - which is a huge win. You may see one or two ideas that your family would love and try them. You might just be watching and enjoying seeing other people post in our Facebook Group and building up your ideas bank of recipes.

Wherever you are at IS PERFECT!

But take one step this week - whatever it is - momentum matters.

As requested we have added links to the recipes directly from the meal plan - but rest assured all our recipes are inside The Vault for you to access anytime.

We also have delicious new recipes added this month. How do these sound?

- Stuffed Butternut
- Corn on the cob with toppings
- Miso Glazed Eggplant

Um…… YES PLEASE! Always looking for ways to jazz up corn on the cob, which is a staple in this house, even although two children request the corn to be cut off and one only eats the middle section…..

Let’s put a focus on nourishing ourselves this week. What’s one small step you can take?

Lisa x

April New Recipes

Everything is fine

You know I love our Enjoy weeks where I share small mindset shifts that have made a huge difference to my life.

Today I’ve got a doozy.

I remember hearing it for the first time and feeling VERY frustrated. I wanted to yell and scream and disagree, but the more I’ve sat with it, the easier it is to see that it’s true.

I remember being told that everything always has been, is now and always will be, fine.

GAH! What!?

Things most certainly didn’t feel fine at the time.

But as I’ve realised - there are no mistakes, no coincidences and there’s certainly no point in getting worked up when things are panning out the way I wanted them to.

I say it to myself always - everything is fine. And weirdly so it is.

Watch the video as I explain a little more. And I’d love to see what comes up for you.

Lisa x


April Outstanding Member - Lisa Reece

My goodness, the months' whiz by and if you feel like this Membership just keeps rolling along and you cannot keep up - well - that’s just fine. And here’s WHY:

This Membership was created with you in mind. And while the weekly emails aren’t enough for the people who gobble up information and are implementation machines, the majority of us would just like life in general to slooooooow down.

The idea is not to overwhelm you and it’s also certainly not the case that you need to DO everything in the membership.

Here are a few hints on getting more out of the Membership:

1. You could log in once a month (in this final week perhaps?) and see all the information I’ve shared via email in one handy place. It all goes on the What’s New page (this page). The videos are short - the ideas are quickly implementable (is that a word!?) and there is absolutely NO EXPECTATION that you will do it all, and perfectly. But the info is there and I wonder whether you could commit to checking once a month in the Celebrate Week?

2. I know the Facebook Group can get busy! There are ideas floating around all the time. If you feel like you can’t keep up - it’s because you can’t! Even I find it hard. So how about feeling cool knowing that ‘what is for you, won’t go past you’. You will see what you need to see at the right time. Trust me on this.

3. For those that don’t have time to watch the weekly videos - we provide you with a transcription so you can read it at your leisure. So don’t stress if you can’t watch everything! Just read it instead.

4. If you feel lost or don’t know where to find these - hit reply on any email - the team is here to support you. Or ask your question in the FB group - no doubt someone else is wondering the same thing. There are NO silly questions in Small Steps!


And now, what you’ve been waiting for! Announcing April’s Member of the Month….

Lisa Reece!

Lisa has been a Small Stepper for over a year now and I love how generously she shares - both the wins and the struggles #raisingthreeboys. Plus, the Small Steps team can’t get enough of her hair cut self-love:

Thank you for being your extraordinary self Lisa and thank you for everything you contribute. Your gift will be on its way very soon!

Now it’s your turn to celebrate YOU! What small steps have you taken this month? It doesn’t matter how small - every change is a step in the right direction.

I’m proud of you and cannot wait to deliver you stacks of goodness in May (ummmm….. MAY!? How!?)

Once again - I’ll be Live for our Q&A call Wednesday, April 24 at 10 am AEST Melbourne time.

And send me an email with any questions you’d like me to answer!

Much love,

Lisa x

April Bonus Challenge

Bonus Week

With April being a 5 week month we take a little pause from our regular weekly themes. But I’m still popping into your inbox this week with a little note and a challenge.

It’s one of the most important Small Steps of all. It’s the foundation of a healthy life. And it’s going to come as a surprise to many.

Any transformation that you are trying to make while telling yourself you’re a piece of s*%t is never going to turn out well…

Coming from a place of love for yourself makes all the difference. This video is a must watch. It explains exactly what I mean. I recorded it a few years ago for a five-day challenge and it still rings true.

Grab at least ONE negative thought you have about yourself this week. It might have something to do with ‘not enough’ - not fit enough, not slim enough, not a good enough mother, not a good enough wife/friend/daughter, not organised enough, not tidy enough.

Notice the thought and then say to yourself “I AM ENOUGH AND I LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY”

I’d love to hear how you go with this - share it with us in the Facebook group.

Sending you LOVE,

Lisa xx

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