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#simplify your INBOX

We live in an era of INFORMATION OVERLOAD. I bet you feel it too.

And hey, full disclosure - I know that I contribute to this. I run an information-based learning business and I communicate with people via Facebook, Instagram, Email. Most modern businesses promote via social media and all of them want to be in your inbox.

You need to RADICALLY protect your online spaces. It’s like inviting people into your home. But even more personal - these messages, personas, groups, videos etc infiltrate your brain - your expectation of what is normal - your self-esteem!

It’s time to do some clearing out.

So let’s do two things to help manage that inbox

#1 Create folders…..





Anything that can be dealt with in under two minutes I leave in the inbox. Anything that requires a bit more time and requires an action is put into TO ACTION. Once I’ve actioned it I can move it to DEALT WITH.

The best way to clear your inbox is to put all your unread emails right now into UNREAD. And everything that’s left, beyond the past two weeks, is put into FOR LATER (my guess is you’ll never look at these - but keep them there just in case).

You should now have a pretty clear inbox. So as things come in I want you to do the most important step….

#2 Start Unsubscribing

Ask yourself if you still want to be emailed by the person or company and start UNSUBSCRIBING! Clear out - receive less.

This is your digital letterbox. Not sure about you, but we have a NO JUNK MAIL sign on our letterbox. I think about my inbox the same way.

I wonder how this feels for you? Is your inbox representative of your life? Letting so much in that you miss the good stuff?

Let’s simplify.

Feel free to share how you organise your inbox and please post in the Facebook Group when you’ve had a go at implementing this system - or a different one? I mostly want to know how it makes you feel!!

Much love

Lisa x



So this month you have a brand new Menu Plan with a stack of DELICIOUS recipe ideas. Grab it below.

We are also putting a focus on Nuts and Seeds! Now, here’s the truth. I have never, I’m talking EVER, soaked my nuts and seeds before eating them.

But there’s a lot of benefit to activating them. You might be doing this? You might have no idea what I’m talking about!

So I’m setting myself a challenge this week - to try it once. Just to see what happens. If you’re interested in trying it too we’ve put together a Cheat Sheet - with everything you need to know.

April recipes

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April Menu Plan

Self Integrity

Prefer to read? Download the full transcript and PDF version here.

As you know we cover Simplifying, Food and Mindset in the Membership and this week is Mindset week. Mindset is a funny word - it can mean lots of things to different people and as I am not a qualified psychologist, hypnotherapist or counsellor I choose to describe the content that I bring you each month with the word ENJOY.

Because I’m all about sharing the little ideas or concepts or theories that have helped me slow down, create a life I actually love and add more of the good stuff in. I’m not interested in years just disappearing without being present in my life. And seeking joy.

So often we don’t even realise that our minds have trapped us into a life we don’t enjoy. And we wonder why we keep doing things that we know don’t serve us.

I learnt a little concept called ‘self-integrity’ a few months ago and it is revolutionising my life. I have shared it here and there in the Membership before - but it deserves special mention.

Watch this video as I describe exactly what it means and a small step to explore the concept a little more (especially important for those Small Steppers who have been exposed to it but perhaps haven’t given it due consideration!)

I think you’ll find that self-integrity is a journey you’ll be on for a while (I know I am) but being aware of it has made so.much.difference!


March Outstanding Member - Vicki Elliott

Vicki is a new Small Stepper and I wanted to congratulate her on the small steps she’s taken and her contribution to the group. Here’s a post I loved:
Vicki Elliot FB Post

Well done Vicki - a gorgeous Wholefoods cookbook is being sent your way!

If you haven’t done the Breakfast Series yet - head into the Membership by clicking here and on the Welcome page click Food Series and choose Breakfast. You’ll love it!

I’m celebrating all of you this month and any small steps you may have taken. Can you name some? It’s amazing what happens when we get conscious of what HAS been achieved as opposed to what hasn’t. It’s so much easier to be hard on ourselves than to celebrate ourselves.

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