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Maria Golding: intuitive motherhood

Our guest this month, the amazing Maria Golding, offers a Masterclass on Intuitive Parenting - and so much more.

No matter the age of your kids, you will get so much out of her knowledge. She is equal parts ancient wisdom and the latest neuro-science. It’s fascinating stuff.

Complete the worksheet and use it as an opportunity to reflect.

Maria Golding

Maria golding

Maria has been working with mothers and children professionally for over three decades. She has worked as a midwife, paediatric and child mental health nurse, parenting program coordinator, health practitioner in secondary schools and infant-parent practitioner in private practice.  She devotes her creative energies into bringing these worlds together – intuitive wisdom, embodiment and cutting-edge parenting science – to best serve the mamas of the world.

Find more on Maria here: www.mariagolding.com

In this interview we cover:

1.12 - Maria shares her journey and how she has come to do the work she is doing now

4.34 - Where Maria finds mothers are confused and how important it is to come back to building the foundation skills with children

9.54 - What intuitive motherhood is and how to tap into it

14.34 - Setting boundaries with and for children

17.33 - Maria’s experience from the Solomon Islands and what we can learn from mothers in remote villages

24.43 - How children are connected to our nervous systems as mothers and the effect this has on our energy

26.29 - How we can practice kindness to ourselves when we want to do things the 'right way' (especially in the context of food) and we don't

31.52 - Three small steps we can take to improve our experience as mothers

35.50 - Where to find more about Maria

Small Steps Challenge

drink more water

This month - for one week - your challenge is to drink 2 litres of water PER DAY! We’ll kick off the challenge in two weeks time, but in the lead up I want you to be getting conscious of your water consumption.

Start building it up so you can smash out the challenge week easily!

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Download your Small Steps Stationary
I know it can be hard to keep up with all the new ideas - so that’s why I’ve created this stationary! Print them off and keep them handy, laminate and keep on your fridge - whatever you like!

You’ll find templates for:
•    Recipes to Try (anything that you see referred to that you want to go back and have a go at)
•    Recipes we Loved (this is for tried and tested recipes you know your family love)
•    Real Life Small Steps (because YOU matter - print this off each week and write down the small action you can take for yourself each day)
•    Shopping List
•    Menu Plan

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