Your Support Crew

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WELCOME! Your Small Steps journey is here for the taking and while we can’t go to your house and make the meals for you or pour the kettle and chat in real life - this is as close as you can get. We have the most amazing support crew to assist on your journey - so let’s introduce them!

Katherine McCoy - round


Chief Small Steps Foodie

A Small Stepper from the very beginning, Katherine is AMAZING at all things wholefoods, meal planning and prepping. She’s also behind creating some of the recipes you find in the member area, as well as the monthly meal plan. Here to inspire and educate - she’ll help you make delicious food the whole family enjoys.



Small Steps Cheerleader

Karen epitomises the Small Steps philosophy and you’ll find her in the group cheering you on and sharing inspiration. Since she joined the program she has experienced HUGE transformation but she’s done it one small step at a time. She’ll reassure you that two steps forward, one step back is STILL forward motion.


Mel A

Community Support

Mel joined the team at the start of 2020 and is here to help you with any tech issues, finding things or any general questions you have about the membership. Tag 'Small Steps Team' in the Facebook group or pop an email through to the inbox and she’ll get back to you in no time!


And Behind the Scenes...

Mel - Support Crew


Business Manager

Mel has been the right hand lady behind the scenes of Small Steps for almost 3 years now - and on the webinars before that. Responsible for making all the tech happen and coordinating the many (many…) creative ideas of Lisa’s. She is 100% organisation and inspired action with a heart of gold. She welcomed her first bub in 2018 and is grateful for all she has learned about motherhood from Small Steppers!

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