Let’s explore what’s waiting for you so you can go ahead and choose your own adventure!

If at any time you have any trouble or need any help or guidance, the small steps team are here to help you in the right direction. Pop into the Facebook group or send us an email info@smallstepsliving.com

How does the membership work?

New Content

Each month I send to you bite-size chunks of content - 1 per week in our themes of Simplify, Nourish, Enjoy .
Simplify - On “simplify” weeks, you’ll get an easy decluttering or organisation hack that will help you create space for the things that matter.
Nourish - Nourish week means family friendly meal plans, members-only recipes, and cooking demos.
Enjoy - The simple techniques delivered to you each month during “enjoy” week will help you connect to who you are, and what you really want.

Access Past content

All of the content each month is saved into the Vault section for you to refer back to at any time. So don’t stress if you don’t get to look at something straight away, it will always be there for you to go back to.

The Fundamentals and Mini-Courses

These short sequences are also available for you to access and work through at any time. Jump in whenever you are ready or need a reset!

But where should I start?

New to Small Steps?

Start with the fundamentals. Learn the simple philosophy behind Small Steps and start shifting that mindset so you can change your habits.

Need some food inspiration, idea’s or a reset?

Check out:

- The monthly menu plans for inspiration!

- The Food Series mini-courses to get you on track - there’s one each for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks/Desserts. Hint - Small steps - choose one to work on, master it, and then go on to the next one. You don’t have to do it all at once 😉

- The cooking vids and recipes - Cook along with me as I show you on video exactly how to prepare recipes. Head here and use the search bar to browse recipes and categories

- Check out the Pantry Staples Mini course - Stocking your pantry with the staples you need to put healthy, wholefoods meals together is easier said than done. Some ingredients are expensive, and what the hell is Tamari anyway!?  Enjoy this mini-course with explanations of what I have in my pantry and why. And download a comprehensive pantry staples checklist to keep handy!

- Check out the resources section for cheat sheets and ‘spotlight’ info sheets on specific ingredients and get the run down on gluten, flours, chia seeds and more!

Looking for some Mindset inspiration?

- Mindset mini course - my favourite women all in one spot sharing life-changing ideas to help you get unstuck and gain a deeper understanding of energy, your femininity and calming the chaos.

- Check out the Vault for amazing masterclasses from some very cool people like Jude Blereau, Stacey Copas on Resilience and more. Click here 

Looking for some health and wellness inspo?

- The Gut Heath mini-course contains everything you need for a deep understanding of exactly what gut health means and how to improve it!

- Check out the vault for amazing masterclasses from some very cool people like Nat K on hormones, Alisha Lynch on sleep and more. Click here

Ready to get moving?

- Movement Mini course - simple ideas to get yourself doing exercise you love - strength, core, pilates - all the things!

- Yoga - Check out the bank of Yoga videos you can access anytime and do from the comfort of home.

- Check out the Masterclasses here from our expert guests on ways to move your body.