Welcome to our fermenting world!

Enjoy taking Small Steps to creating your own ferments at home. Stick with it, keep experimenting and enjoy the health benefits and taste sensation from your creations.



Watch Dr Sarah Lantz from Buchi Kombucha talk all things fermenting. Please watch, listen to or read this interview before commencing your fermenting. She provides so much valuable information!

A great introduction to the wild world of fermenting.


PS - Remember, this is powerful stuff - be guided by your body and if something isn't working for you then speak to a health professional or raise the question in one of the FB groups we've pointed you towards. While fermentation has been happening for thousands of years, our current state of 'gut health' is not great. Many of us have underlying issues and fermented foods are fabulous at adding good bacteria back in, but if you suffer with persistent gut issues then please contact a health professional.

The Recipes