Week 8

Here we are in our final week of the program!

And guess what? There’s nothing NEW for you to learn this week. Just a recap and a question for you around commitment. In particular, what are you committed to? I was confronted when a mentor told me that if I wasn’t committed to a certain thing, I was actually committed to the opposite....

So in the context of our tech habits, if you are not committed to creating freedom for yourself, then you are actually committed to staying exactly where you are...

… Eeeeek!

Here’s a recap of the things we’ve covered so far:


Turn off Notifications
Tidy up!
Do Not Disturb
Send a voice text
Black and White screen
Create Folders
Create Screen Saver
Remove your social apps


Know your usage
Phone Central
Stop checking while waiting in line
Create a new night habit
No phone first thing
No phone at meal times
Take 100% responsibility!
No phone around kids/partner

All that’s required from you this week is revisiting this list and recommitting to anything you might have missed.

And knowing that this journey is WORTH your commitment.

Enjoy today’s commitment video!