Week 7

I wonder why you committed to this course? Was it because you felt like your tech habits were a little out of control? Was it because your relationships were suffering? Or maybe your sleep?

When I interviewed Kristy Goodwin on Tech Habits, she mentioned that OUR phone habits were affecting our kids.

And I thought about this insight in the context of food. I thought about how I’m attempting to establish a balanced food culture at home. That Nick and I take the idea of creating healthy foundations for our kids seriously when it comes to food. And we do it largely through modelling — we show them what healthy is by eating mostly wholefoods ourselves.

I definitely could not say the same about my tech habits.

But the thing is, they're just as important. After all, just as my kids will eat every day of their lives, they’ll most likely use technology every day too — especially when they get a little older.

But I needed to get in control of my habits before I could expect my kids to start building their own good habits.

Otherwise it’d be like serving up a sprout salad for them, while us grown ups sit down to fried chips and hotdogs… we can all imagine how well that would work!

So this week in the program? We’re focusing on getting serious about doing this for our kids — and for the good of all of our relationships, really.

Watch the video and try the ideas below.

Tech Tip — Remove your social apps

OK, this is next level. Your palms are probably sweaty! But if you’re finding it hard to stay off social media or entertainment apps and they are still chewing up your time, perhaps it’s time to let them go?

Do you really need them on your phone? Perhaps you could just check them when you open the computer or laptop?

Remove them until Friday... just try it. The world will not end!  Be open to trying new ways of doing things.

Weekly Challenge — No phone around kids/partner

If you don’t want your kids growing up with a parent who has their face in a phone, then how about committing to no phones when they are around? Could you try that? Of course, I’m not talking about answering the phone if it rings or using it for maps in the car. But other than the essentials, set yourself a little challenge that your family will not see you looking at your phone this week.