Week 6

Following on from last week when we spoke about self-integrity, I’m going to share with you a topic close to my heart - being 100% responsible for my life.

No - I’m not talking about taking on extra responsibilities around the house - I’m talking about really owning that if change is going to happen - it’s up to me.

That I am creating my life with every choice I MAKE. Oooooh this is a biggie.

Changing tech habits can be challenging, but if you are connected to your why (remember that earlier in the program) then you need to accept that no one else is going to make this happen for you.

It’s your responsibility and yours alone.

Sound harsh? It’s not! It’s a life-changing concept if you can get your head around it.

I recorded you a short video here.

Tech Tip - Create Folders


Can I just be honest and say I did not come out of the womb with administration and organisation skills… This is my desktop  (Type A’s LOOK AWAY!)

My phone screen was very similar. I had about five or six screens of apps to scroll through if I wanted to find something.

It was chaotic and difficult and gave me a feeling overwhelm. This object I looked at all throughout the day represented the scatteredness of my mind.

Until I realised that you can create folders for your apps. Now, forgive me if this is old news to you. It was revolutionary for this not-so-tech-savvy gal.

Clearing the space on my phone gave me an instant feeling of ease. Now, I have two screens.


Creating the folders was a game changer. And notice where all the social media apps are? In the DISTRACTION folder. You could call it - DON’T LOOK. Or perhaps STOP!


The choice is truly yours on how you divide up folders - but it’s certainly helped my poor disorganised brain feel relief. I think there’s also something in the fact that the apps aren’t front and centre for me to click.

Simply hold your finger down on an app until it’s jiggling and then drag it over the top of another app - it will automatically create a folder. Name the folder. Add other similar apps.

Folders you can create include:

Social Media
Work apps
Kids activities

Enjoy the feeling of creating space as you do this.

Optional Tech Tip - create a screen saver

Create a screen saver that empowers you and makes you feel good. Of course that could be a picture of people you love, but if you want to write a reminder (like I do that I am 100% responsible) then create it in the Canva app - a fabulous tool to create your own graphics. (I know - it’s an app but pop it in a folder and you will only look for it when you need it!)

Weekly Challenge - Take 100% responsibility!

Are you being 100% responsible for your phone habits?

That’s all I want you to think about this week, after you watch the short video.

The power is yours.