Week 5

Isn’t it just crazy that when we commit to going for a walk with a friend early in the morning, we are up. It’s *happening*.

But when we commit to getting up on our own, we have all the excuses — too cold, too hot, didn’t sleep well, didn’t put clothes out ready to go, it’ll make me tired later, etc etc.

Most of us want to show up in the world with integrity. Most of us value keeping our word to others. But keeping our word to ourselves?

That relies on self-integrity.

Watch this short video to find out why your lack of self-integrity is getting in the way of changing your tech habits….

And heads up, this is something that takes a lot of practice to really nail. But once you know this concept, you’ll never forget it — and it will help you in all sorts of areas of your life!

Prefer to read? Click below to download the complete module (includes video transcript)

Tech Tip - Send audio notes

Did you know that you can send audio text messages?

As a means to creating more meaningful interactions when I am on my phone - I have started sending voice FB messages and also voice messages via text.

There’s a little microphone that you can hold down to send voice messages via your texting app.

Surprise and delight the people around you by actually talking to them when you can’t call. Life feels richer when we converse in real life, or have an actual conversation. But we are so used to texting back and forth. This is a lovely middle step!

Weekly Challenge - no phone at meal times

Let’s banish the phone/tablet/TV/device from our meal times — it has no place there! In fact, I now find it so rude...

As someone who appreciates celebrating food while sitting down and chatting, I surprised myself when I’d sit the kids up at the island bench and have my phone sitting right there, ready for me to keep an eye on while I was cleaning the kitchen and (only half) engaging with them.

Not only is the phone impacting communication and attention when I’m with other people eating, I’ve realised that mindless eating has grown exponentially in my life. Because for way too long, eating time meant scrolling time.

Which, as I’ve said repeatedly, isn’t a problem... until it is.

If I’ve made myself a lovely meal — or heck, even if it’s just peanut butter on sourdough — I owe it to myself to appreciate the food and be mindful of the fact that I’m eating and chewing.

We have a tendency to move through life so fast… but it doesn’t have to be that way, you have a choice.

So if this resonates, I heartily encourage you to try going screen-free during meal times.

Sit down, chew properly and eat mindfully... your body will thank you.