Thrilled to have you here to gain control of your tech habits!

Let’s be clear before we begin: technology is not going away. It’s here to stay. I run my business online, I manage our family calendar on our phone, I keep in contact with friends through my phone... heck, we don’t even have a home phone for people to call!

But just because I use it a lot, doesn’t mean I can’t be a conscious user of this technology.  A few months back I started to change up my habits. It wasn’t easy...

But the changes have made a profound impact on my life.

I can’t wait to deliver them (and so much more!) to you over the next eight weeks.

So here’s how this is going to roll: each week, you’ll get a new Tech Tip and Weekly Challenge delivered to you on Tuesday.

You’ll also receive a short video to watch here in your login. You can also download the audio of the video, or download the module as a PDF to read (including the video transcript).

There might be articles or quick videos as extra references — to help ground your learning and remind you why this is so important.

Because it truly is.

Life is so short and so precious. And even though it might feel like an uphill battle to change around how you use your digital devices, this program is designed to make it as painless and permanent as possible, so you get more time for you.

Now, there’s a common objection I see when it comes to habit change: “But this seems too simple?! It’s too small a change! I want to make BIG changes, and I want them now!”

This is a perfectly natural reaction. We live in a “results” culture: we want a huge transformation, and we want it now…

Unfortunately, the ‘all or nothing’ approach can often lead to resistance and failure. Science has told us, again and again, that small steps are the best way to make sustainable change.

So yeah: some weeks, your action step might seem too ‘simple’... let it be so. Because shifts are happening under the surface that you might not even be aware of… Because we’re laying important groundwork… And because some weeks will feel harder than others.

So stick with it, show up for this program and yourself. Be someone who is consciously using their phone instead of being a victim to the addictive nature of her devices.

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