You’ve been on an amazing journey back to yourself this past month. You’ve reflected and refined, you’ve gotten clear and you’re letting things go.

But the inevitable question is: what next? How does this all come together into a tangible plan to move you forward?

Here’s the thing... everything I have learned about creating behaviour change has taught me two things:

1. The smaller the change, the easier it will be to become a new habit, which is important because...

2. 90% of what you do is habit.

Yep, it’s true. If you want to create change in your life - change your habits.

And OBVIOUSLY changing them all at once is a recipe for disaster - so start small and achievable and move on to the next thing once a new habit is established.

The final worksheet is about defining the big goals in different areas of your life and the small step/habit change you can make RIGHT NOW to get you a little bit closer. Once you’ve taken the step or created a new habit, move on to the next thing.

Don’t jump ahead. Don’t make your next move unrealistic. Make it small as small can be. There’s power in momentum.

Continually update this worksheet. Perhaps even print it off, laminate it and stick it on your fridge where you can wipe off the steps once you’ve taken them.

There is power in taking it slow and not overwhelming yourself. To create a small new habit is to change your life. Trust the process you’ve been and your own inner guidance.

Remember that in a world of the ‘instant fix’ (which rarely work) it’s far less sexy but so much more achievable when we allow things to take time. Break down your big dreams into smaller tasks and you’ll be super surprised what you can achieve.

Go ahead and create the first steps in getting back to you. x

PS - In the Blokes section Nick outlines creating SMART goals - specific, measurable etc etc. Check it out if that helps you. (It makes my brain hurt but he loves that stuff!)


It’s so simple. Write the words ‘Small Steps’ in a section on the manifesto to remind you that this journey doesn’t have to be about huge, dangerous leaps, but small, consistent steps will get you back to you, faster and and with WAY MORE ease.