it out

Let’s get real.

It’s very very hard to get clarity and create space when our lives are cluttered with JUNK - physical and mental. If you have time this week do yourself a huge favour and listen to this podcast with Allison Davies - it’s a GAME CHANGER. It explains exactly why clutter is doing us no favours. Our poor brains, this day in age, are overwhelmed - all the time.

And while I’m making recommendations - The Minimalists on Netflix - is a fabulous documentary for spelling out the the importance of reducing the ‘stuff’ in your life in order to make way for the good things.

But you already know the importance of removing clutter, don’t you? How lovely it would be to ditch the feeling that you’re never on top of anything. The constant beeping of your phone or the room that fills with junk. Perhaps it’s your kitchen table that is never clear except for when people come over!

It doesn’t feel great and it doesn’t align with a life of ease, so it would be remiss for us not to clear a little space - literally - on the journey back to ourselves and out of overwhelm.

This is a practical module. I want you to think about where the physical clutter is hiding. And then prioritise doing something about it this week. There are a few examples below of where you might find clutter in your home - it is not extensive - it’s a start.

I’m sure that particular spaces and places come to mind when I mention ‘home clutter’ but if not, you might want to do a little walk around your home and take note of how you feel in different rooms, or opening particular cupboards.

Perhaps as you move throughout your day you stop to notice when the daily routine is more difficult than it could be. Remember - clutter is not only physical. Your day might feel cluttered with activities and jobs and people and activities and phone calls etc etc.

Always be thinking about: Decluttering, streamlining, simplifying.


Your underwear drawer

Your computer desktop

Under your kitchen sink cabinet

Your ‘mail pile’

Your bathroom cabinet or makeup drawer - have out just what you need!

Your pantry (even just the spice rack!?)

Your tax

Your bedside table

Your medicine cabinet

Your bookshelf / kids bookshelf

Your kitchen bench

Your garage

Your jewellery box

Your tupperware drawer

Under your bed

Your linen closet

Your freezer

Your kitchen ‘junk drawer’

Children’s toys

Children clothing

Work desk

And just a word on mental clutter …. Which are the constant (sometimes negative and usually always stress inducing) thoughts clouding your mind and making the everyday just that bit more difficult? Get clear on them. Notice them. Then shift your attention away from them.

Three simple things I highly recommend to reduce mental clutter:

1. Download and start listening to the Headspace App. Creating time to meditate is SUPER hard for me. I need guided meditations for them to work. But it’s been a game changer (says the beginner!). The meditations are short enough to be achievable and it gives my brain some down time.

2. When overwhelm starts to really kick in ask yourself ‘is this really even necessary?’ Asking this question has helped me reevaluate the clutter of my life. It’s helped me start saying ‘no’. Oh the freedom!

3. Remember you have a CHOICE. Just putting that thought in your head can flick a switch. Do I choose this? Is this a ‘have to’ or ‘choose to’ situation. Powerful stuff!


1. I found this chart at popsugar.com - whether it is 100% accurate or not - it serves as a reminder that the makeup you used ten years ago, might need to go!

2. Oprah once shared a cool way to cull your wardrobe. Turn all your hangers in the reverse direction. Once you have worn something, turn it around. After six months, whatever you haven’t worn, you can donate. Simple! And you can start that today without having to make any huge decisions!


If your life felt less cluttered, how would you FEEL? Write that word or phrase in a box on the manifesto.