is real

The Juggle is Real

Goodness me, I miss the days where my biggest decision on a Sunday was where to eat my hangover breakfast.

If only I knew then what it felt like to be pulled in a million directions and have decision fatigue on a daily basis.

Argh! Kids!

This module is designed to get you thinking about what is REALLY important. We all juggle a million balls. But which are your glass balls, and which are your rubber balls.

Watch the video to find out exactly what I mean and complete the worksheet.

This needs to serve as a reminder when the going gets tough that you are ROCKING life! We hold ourselves to high standards and it’s impossible to do All. The. Things.

Keep those glass balls in the air, and that’s enough, lady. It truly is. Once you’ve done this exercise I want you to remember the analogy of glass balls and rubber balls when s%4t hits the fan again, as it inevitably will.


Either write the words “Only glass balls truly matter” in a spot on your manifesto or write what your glass balls are in a spot so you focus on the things that are most important.


I struggle with systems - my brain isn’t naturally drawn to them. But I force myself on a Sunday night to map out my week.

I include:

  • Everyone’s extra curricular activities
  • My exercise time slots
  • Any school/kindy things that I need to remember
  • What we are having for dinner each night
  • My biggest work tasks - and when they will be worked on.

This gets a lot of ‘stuff’ out of my brain and onto paper. The less decision making I need to do during the week - the better.

Let’s share our systems in the Facebook Group. I resisted them for so long, but I need them.