Fear vs Resistance

Fear can be nasty - it sneaks up on you. Thing is - it’s not all bad - it has a hugely important role in human evolution. I mean, fear gets us moving out of threatening situations. Fear keeps us from taking risks that could end our life. Thank you fear for the role you play in keeping us alive!

But there’s a problem with our modern lives - we are confusing fear with resistance a lot of the time. And there’s a big difference between the two.

Here’s a few example of situations we might feel fear around:

Committing to a mortgage.

Saying yes to a promotion.

Going back to study something new.

Going on a girls weekend and leaving the family for a few nights.

Trying out a pilates class.

Sending your kid off to school/university/child care for the first time.

Leaving our partner.

Saying no to an invitation.

When we start to feel uncomfortable and ‘frightened’ of a particular situation, our brains tell us to STEER CLEAR, RUN AWAY, REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THIS SCARY SITUATION!

But all that you see above are situations outside our comfort zone. There’s nothing life-threatening there. Yet we react in a way that keeps us moving forward. When all we are experiencing is resistance. Things feel uncomfortable. It’s going to require courage. But this is not life-threatening stuff!

So the question is - when it comes to thinking about what you want - does some of it feel scary and uncomfortable? And if so - how much is FEAR and how much is RESISTANCE?

Watch today’s video to find out exactly what I mean about the difference.

It’s super important, as you step bravely into who you are and get honest about what you want, to know the difference between these two things. Because then you’ll be able to recognise when the stories are holding you back.

Resistance is trying to keep you small - Fear is trying to save your life. Resistance is stories stories stories.

Ditch them and take a leap!

Watch the video and complete the worksheet. This one, is a game-changer.