Hey guys, it’s Nick, welcome to Small Steps Back to You!

Thrilled to have you here.

This is where we start: you are okay as you are. 

Here is the kicker: SELF ACCEPTANCE.

Fundamentally good and worthy of love and respect at your core as a BLOKE.  It’s fucking corny I get it, but it is required in this one life.  Do you want to walk to the end of the earth in chains?  Or show kindness in other’s troubles and courage in your own?  Small Steps Back to You is designed give you the means to grow towards self-acceptance.  You might be surprised what you find and that is why I want to include you blokes in some of the core modules of Small Steps Back to You.

But first we have to get vulnerable and we have to revisit our values.  “Remember vulnerability is not knowing victory or defeat, its understanding the necessity of both, its engaging and being ALL IN” (quote from Daring Greatly).  And being vulnerable with a selection of core values gives the man power to take small steps for their big dreams.

Have you lost your way a little?  I know I have.  Let’s take some small steps back to us and reclaim our super powers.

If you have any feedback or want to write me your answers, you can email nick@smallstepsliving.com


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