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I remember when a good friend was told by a naturopath to stop having ice-cream after dinner because a big sugar hit before sleep isn't such a good idea. After further research, this friend discovered that the preservatives in the low-fat ice-cream (which she had a small amount of every night) were the reason she would wake feeling very anxious at 2pm every night.

After removing the ice-cream - sleep improved dramatically and anxiety decreased.

Just like that.

Now I'm not saying that everyone reacts like this, but it is just another example of how removing all the numbers from our food can have quite a profound influence on our health and wellbeing.

Try and look to food for clues on what might be happening with you. You never know what you'll find. You are your own health detective and we are receiving signs ALL THE TIME about what’s working and what’s not.

Wine and chocolate are a perfect example. I react very differently when I eat a piece of 70% chocolate versus a Cadbury confectionery block. With Cadbury my mood dives afterwards, I start craving salty things, I feel like I’m in a fog and I need a nap!

I challenge you to pay attention to how you feel and behave after some of the highly processed things you eat. It can reveal a lot and give you an amazing WHY - to keep eating the good stuff.

I thought it might be worthwhile linking to this article on sulphur and preservatives in wine. I won't tell you not to drink, but like ALL things I reckon that quality matters. (So does 'moderation', but now I sound like my dad, so I'll stop!)

A spirit like gin or vodka with soda water and freshly squeezed lemon or lime would be a lovely refreshing (dare I say wholefoods?!) option for you too.

As for the chocolate...

Do a google search and you'll see lots of recipes to make your own chocolate. Check out the staple recipe I use below. But if that ain't going to happen, then I buy the Green&Blacks dark chocolate brand from the supermarket and other high quality chocolate like Pana Chocolate and Alter Eco.

Recipes to try

To make chocolate, all I do is this:

1/4 cup melted coconut oil

1/4 cup cacao powder

2.5 tbls of maple syrup or raw honey (you can also use Rice Malt Syrup but I don’t like the taste)

Mix it all together and then put in moulds in the freezer. I always store it in the freezer. You can get fancy and add nuts/seeds/berries etc. Sometimes, once frozen, I sprinkle with salt and then spread a layer of peanut butter over the top. OMG.

I have also been known to make a big batch of my Crepes and pour this mixture (in liquid form) over the top with a side of berries and cream.

A short watch
Jude Blereau

I wanted to finish off with an absolute cracker of an interview. This will leave you begging for more. The amazing Jude Blereau is going to solidify the reasons that we are on this journey and provide you with so much gold. Believe me, it’s one of the best hours you can spend. So curl up, relax, grab a glass of wine and enjoy the inspiration.

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