Let's Get


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Oh man, if you are reading this and you do cross-fit or hit the gym three times a week or even play netball - ALL POWER TO YOU!

But if you are like me and for a few years exercise just never made it to the top of your to-do list, then today’s small step is for you. What stopped me a lot with moving my body was that it was always something ‘extra’.

Not today! I want you to click on any of the following songs and then dance your little heart out! When we move our mood changes instantly. Don’t make it stressful - make it fun!

My absolute favourite song to get me smiling and moving

You’ll know why I chose this song #canthelpbutmove

This song was on high rotation at our house for about a YEAR!

And … just because! 

Small Step Instruction:

Choose a song and dance!

x Lisa