Time To

Get Fresh

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So much of the food we are eating is highly processed and doesn’t have much goodness attached (even though it might make us ‘full’ and taste amazing).

Today’s small step is about raising your consciousness around how much fresh food you are eating. I’m talking the living breathing stuff - how much fruit, vegetables, leafy greens? Next level is all the crazy amazing fermented foods - but we’re starting small right?

At each meal - can you add something fresh?

Your body will love you like crazy.

Here’s some examples…

  • Add a handful of baby spinach to … anything!
  • Dip some carrot and cucumber into dip instead of using crackers
  • Warm some butter in a pan and cook mushrooms and tomato. When soft - crack an egg in and serve veggies with egg sunny side up!
  • Instead of honey on toast - add avocado and tomato and sprinkle of salt.



Small Step Instruction:

Add some ‘fresh’ to your day!

x Lisa