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Meal Planning
Meal Plans

Each month you'll find a new meal plan released, based around a hero protein.

1 - Roast Chicken

This meal plan is designed around the humble roast chicken as your hero protein. Using the chicken in different ways will give you three great dinners.

Add a couple of other super easy Small Steps dinners into the mix and you have 5 nights of great wholefood meals  - allowing you to slot in your family favourites, your Friday night pizza or takeaway tradition, or your “clean out the fridge” leftovers night to complete your week’s dinners.

Add in a couple of easy breakfasts, lunches and snacks to prep ahead for the week (leaving space for some special weekend breakfasts or meals out), and you’ll have an easy way to feed your family real food that will have them feeling great – and you feeling calm!

2 - Mince
3 - Lamb Traybake
4 - Meatball
5 - Mexican-Style Mince
6 - Roast Lamb
7 - Sausage Tray Bake
8 - Roast Chicken
9 - Honey Tamari Chicken
10 - Honey Glazed Ham