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OK - it’s lunch time!

Here’s the truth. For YEARS lunch was my downfall - I would eat the kids’ scraps, I’d grab a piece of toast, it would always be carb heavy and leave me tired in the afternoon.

And some days, lunch can still be an afterthought - especially when I’m on the go. But I’ve learned that a really small time investment at the middle of the day makes a HUGE difference to how I manage the afternoon and night, and if I’m going to be honest - it’s that space between lunch and dinner where things can go pear-shaped for me!

Today I’m reminding you of the simplest way to ensure you eat a healthy, wholesome lunch….

Repurpose your leftovers!

It really is simple, isn't it? But so often I only make just enough for dinner and then think "I would have loved some of that leftover meat/fish/pumpkin/broccoli - whatever - in a salad today for lunch".

Seriously, it has to be one of the most economical ways to do things. And - like I said above - I often end up bulking out those leftovers with greens or other veggies.

Happy body!

So that's it. Not tough. If you're cooking something that you can make a bit more of, so you can take it with you the next day for lunch - DO IT!

Which dinners can you stretch out for lunch this week? Even just one element of the dinner?
I encourage you to get into the habit of cooking a bit extra at dinner to ensure lunch is easy and nutritious the next day.

Recipes to try
Easy Way to Repurpose lunch

Leftover lamb? Slice and add to a salad of rocket, bocconcini, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar

Leftover chicken? How about in a Mountain Bread wrap with lettuce, avocado, alfalfa, cucumber and seeded mustard

Leftover pumpkin/Sweet potato? Mash it up with feta and mixed herbs and spread over a gorgeous sourdough bread or brown rice cakes

Leftover rice? Add it to a pan with butter, garlic, baby spinach, sliced spring onion and warm through. Crack an egg through it if that tickles your fancy.

A short watch
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