It’s no secret that veggies are THE ultimate super food. Eating more of them can be challenging - but today you’ll be eating vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Say whaaaaat?!

I want you to experience how easy it can be and talk about it a little more in today’s video.

The Breakfast Hash is one of the most versatile recipes around - feel free to get creative once you get the original version down pat.

And while you think the kids might not eat it - why not give them a little taster of yours? Modelling eating great food has to be the BEST WAY to get our kids on the right path.

Today's Recipes:


Breakfast Hash


Minestrone Soup


Zucchini Slice + Salad


Simple Smoothie + Bliss ball


Breakfast Hash (serves 2)


I cannot claim this recipe, but have permission from the ridiculously amazing Jen Shaw to share it with you. This recipe actually works for ANY meal of the day - it’s a dinner favourite here too - I add diced chicken and more sweet potato to stretch it out.


  •       •   1 sweet potato, diced into small pieces
  •       •   1 apple, diced
  •       •   1 piece of bacon, diced
  •       •   2 eggs
  •       •   1 tbls coconut oil or butter



  •       1.   Chop all ingredients. Make sure your sweet potato pieces are nice and small so they cook evenly with apple. (The apple will cook a lot faster)
  •       2.   Heat oil or butter in a pan and fry ingredients, keeping an eye that nothing burns.
  •       3.   Remove and divide evenly on two plates.
  •       4.   Place pan back on stovetop and cook two eggs.
  •       5.   Add the egg to the top of the sweet potato mixture and season with salt and pepper

*** TIP - Dice enough sweet potato for two days and keep half in the fridge in a bowl covered with water.

Prepare for tomorrow:
  • Chop your sweet potato for the Breakfast Hash and store it in a bowl filled with water in

  • Whizz up the pesto (if you didn’t on the weekend)

Did you get it all done?

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