We got past hump day!

Hope you are kicking it this week. The idea isn’t to feel hungry and deny yourself. The idea is to fill your belly with wholesome, yummy food.

Today we talk a little about meat in the video and you make one of my favourite mid-week dinners.

Cook more sausages than you need for dinner tonight and enjoy them in your lunch tomorrow.

You’ll notice throughout the Reset that we are often eating the same meal twice two days in a row - hope that’s cool with you. For me it means less thought, less preparation and streamlining ingredients in the weekly shop.


Today's Recipes:


Breakfast Hash


Leftover Zucchini Slice


Easy Sausage & Veggies


Bliss balls + Pesto & veggie sticks


Breakfast Hash (serves 2)


I cannot claim this recipe, but have permission from the ridiculously amazing Jen Shaw to share it with you. This recipe actually works for ANY meal of the day - it’s a dinner favourite here too - I add diced chicken and more sweet potato to stretch it out.


  •       •   1 sweet potato, diced into small pieces
  •       •   1 apple, diced
  •       •   1 piece of bacon, diced
  •       •   2 eggs
  •       •   1 tbls coconut oil or butter


  •       1.   Chop all ingredients. Make sure your sweet potato pieces are nice and small so they cook evenly with apple. (The apple will cook a lot faster)
  •       2.   Heat oil or butter in a pan and fry ingredients, keeping an eye that nothing burns.
  •       3.   Remove and divide evenly on two plates.
  •       4.   Place pan back on stovetop and cook two eggs.
  •       5.   Add the egg to the top of the sweet potato mixture and season with salt and pepper

*** TIP - Dice enough sweet potato for two days and keep half in the fridge in a bowl covered with water.

Prepare for tomorrow:
  • Save some of your sausages to eat with a salad for lunch.

  • Peel, cover and freeze two bananas

Did you get it all done?

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